DBC Town Hall

Today Yesterday, Dragon Boat Canada held a town hall meeting where they introduced the central region committee members and explained the general workings of DBC. I learned that the central region includes not only Ontario, but also Nunavut. Did you know that?

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Chris is back

And he bought me lots of things! I’m so happy. There’s pesto and truffle sauce and dried fish and truffle cream sauce and licorice and more truffle sauce. Should last for a good while!

I went to go pick him up at the airport today and by “pick him up” I mean I TTC’ed there, met him as he walked out, and then we TTC’ed back together. He brought back lots of edible souvenirs from his trip so I’m excited to try them all. 🙂

I’m also glad he’s back, of course. But the foodstuffs are a big bonus.