Edmond, Why

After a long hiatus, here is a blog post.

We had our first fit test of the 2017-2018 season a couple Thursdays ago at A4A. It was really more of a baseline test, as none of our subsequent tests will resemble it in any way. The point was to give our recruits (and vets) a general idea of where they stand compared to everybody else and to see what they might need to work or focus on.

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A New Kind of Run

Today was originally scheduled to be the last team run of the off-season. I was a little sad, not because it was the last run, but because we didn’t have the day off because man, I really wanted to sleep in for Easter. While it was an “optional” practice, it was also “highly recommended” and I would’ve felt bad sleeping while the rest of the team was at practice.

Fortunately! Through a joint effort, Gavin was persuaded to allow us to replace the run with a different kind of activity: ultimate frisbee!

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Boat Practices

I’ve been a bit slack with updating the blog recently, mainly from being so busy. I’ve been doing my best to update at least once a week but I didn’t manage to do that last week so I’ll try to post at least two this week.

Boat practices are now in full swing for all teams, post spring-camp (Iron Dragons and NDRC each had spring training camps during the past two weekends, respectively, which I will attempt to cover at some point in the near future).

Yesterday’s practice started out kinda cool with several people wearing different-coloured tops. We made a rainbow together!


Photo credit: Caren, using Chris’ phone, at Sunnyside

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Fat Day #1

It’s my birthday in two days! I decided to have two birthday dinners to celebrate, one with each of my dragon boat families. Today was the first one, with NDRC, which was held at Dragon Pearl. Dragon Pearl is one of my favourite buffets and I super recommend it. It’s so fancy and has a ton of variety. So basically today was the first of two fat days because going to a buffet means eating as much as you can because you’re Asian and want to get your money’s worth.

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I went to the run

I went to the run today.

That sentence may not sound particularly impressive to many, but to those who know me well, it’s a revelation. I never go to the run. I really, really, really hate running. It’s the bane of my life, that out of all the dragon boat teams I could have joined in Toronto, I happened to join New Dragons Running Club.

Every Sunday morning throughout the winter, NDRC has an approximately 7.4 km run around High Park, which is two laps around the park (one top loop and one bottom loop count as one lap). In the three years I’ve been on the team, I’ve only been to the run once. And I didn’t even do the full two laps. In my first year of trying out, for the first run of the year, we only did one lap for some reason, so that’s all I did, and then I never went again.

To be fair, I’ve never just decided not to go to the run for no real reason. In my first year, I didn’t go mostly because I was studying for my qualification exam and many runs were cancelled due to the weather. In my second year, I just got really lucky with weather cancellations and not being in the province for several weekends.

Until today.

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More Bread

For the second day of the GWN Challenge, NDRC had a team potluck, organized by Ted. He assigned different things to bring to each person and formed a very extensive list (though to my understanding, he used someone else’s food list, so that’s slightly less impressive).

I was assigned tortillas, which I bought from Loblaws (it was no tax Saturday!) and Chris was assigned trail mix, which he also bought from Loblaws (because no tax Saturday!). Ben came shopping with us as he was assigned Gatorade, which he too bought from Loblaws (again, no tax Saturday!). Though he didn’t buy actual Gatorade, but instead Power Quencher, which according to Daniela (or Daniella, as Gavin spells it), does not taste at all like Gatorade (Ben begged to differ).

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