Prepping for the Run Test

So today we had a sort of trial run to prep for the run test we’ll be having in a few weeks. The test will be held at Sunnyside and all of our runs so far have been at High Park, so today’s practice was held at Sunnyside so we could get a feel for the route, get to know the landmarks, figure out our pace, and so on. I also realized that I used the word “so” five times in two sentences, and that’s really just poor writing, so I apologize for that.

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Boat Practices

I’ve been a bit slack with updating the blog recently, mainly from being so busy. I’ve been doing my best to update at least once a week but I didn’t manage to do that last week so I’ll try to post at least two this week.

Boat practices are now in full swing for all teams, post spring-camp (Iron Dragons and NDRC each had spring training camps during the past two weekends, respectively, which I will attempt to cover at some point in the near future).

Yesterday’s practice started out kinda cool with several people wearing different-coloured tops. We made a rainbow together!


Photo credit: Caren, using Chris’ phone, at Sunnyside

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Sickness Update

To follow up on my last post about being sick, well, here’s the latest update: I’m still sick.

I’m pretty sure I have the flu (I believe the symptoms point toward it), but I do feel a lot better. That first day was the absolute worst, and I ended up taking two Benylin pills for it (the overnight ones). I’m not entirely sure if they helped with symptoms because I took them as I was going to sleep, but I did manage to sleep very soundly throughout the night, so I’ll assume the pills did their job.

You know what else did its job? The delicious congee that Edmond (such a sweetheart) brought me (hand-delivered to my door). It’s super good and I am eating it right now. Edmond also apparently dragged Jay along with him when he got it from Chinatown so yay Jay too. But Jay is difficult to control and also a bit annoying sometimes so kudos to Edmond for being able to do that. Thank you for the congee, Edmond!


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