Wheat Thins

Wheat Thins.

Wheat. Thins.



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Everything I have ever wanted in life is on sale next week.

There are seriously so many good things on sale. I want to buy everything.

And that leads to my dilemma.

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Fat Day #2

I realize this post is quite late.

It was Fat Day #2 two Wednesdays ago! This time, I celebrated my birthday with my Iron Dragons family. We went out for sushi! I haven’t really been to that many AYCE sushi places so I asked for suggestions. Julian gave me a few, including Sushi House, Kyoto House, and Kuni Sushi Ya. Out of his suggestions, the only one I had been to before was Kuni Sushi Ya, as it’s relatively close to school and my labmates like it a lot.

It was a bit of a last-minute planned event, as I wasn’t even able to confirm the date until the day before the event. I didn’t really care where we went so I asked Julian to pick a place and he picked Sushi House. So that’s where we went!

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Two-for-one Hummus

Fontaine Santé Hummus was on sale at Sobey’s, two for one. Yo, that’s such a good price. One was priced at $3.79, so along with the 10% student discount from Sobey’s, that’s two packs of hummus for only $3.41 (no tax!)!

There were also new flavours, including sesame & ginger and roasted sweet peppers & caraway (seen below). I bought two packs of the caramelized onion flavour, one of which was demolished at an Iron Dragons management meeting. There was a third new flavour, roasted beets, I think, but I tried it at a Costco tasting and it wasn’t amazing so I didn’t feel like buying it, even though I like beets.


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