Bioanalytical Sensors (Part 1/3)

Last week, I went to a conference with three of my labmates (Adam, Peter, and Wenhan) and we had a blast. It was a Gordon Conference called Bioanalytical Sensors and lasted 6 days. It was held at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island so not exactly an extremely exotic location but I had never been there (or even heard of Salve Regina) before, so it was a new experience.


^The above picture was taken by Andy at MIT, which I realize isn’t at our conference site, but I don’t have any other pictures of all four of us together.

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Bromine Burgers

I’d like to start out this post by saying please don’t try this at home. Bromine burgers are probably things that shouldn’t be made. The topic came up in a conversation recently, though, and I wanted to write about it.

This post, to counter my “Accomplishment” posts, is a “Mishap” post.

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