World Cup 2016 (Part 2.75/3)

Chapter 4: Success and Disappointment.


^Photo credit: Pearl using Marcella’s phone

Yeah, um, I’m not very good at estimating how many parts a series should have.

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World Cup 2016 (Part 2/3)

Chapter 2: Rainchina.


I’m sensing a theme here. Just sayin’.

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Football vs. NDRC

Football 6, NDRC 0.

I think football is one of the most dangerous sports out there for dragon boaters. It’s as if the football gods and the dragon boat gods really don’t like each other and decided to take it out on the hapless worshippers of the others’ shrine.

I’m not even sure if the score is 6-0. Football might have scored even more points that I’m not aware of.

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Monica is Almost the Worst

This post was originally going to be entitled “Monica is the Worst.” Fortunately for her, that title is no longer valid because she is no longer actually the worst and has been replaced.

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