Isolated Life Days 95-112: Team D FTW!

I need to speed-finish writing this post before Ben finishes writing the Team Challenge recap email so forgive me if it seems a bit rushed.

Note that Isolated Life Days 95-112 refer to the period of June 20th to July 7th, respectively.

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Isolated Life Days 31-75: Caring is Caring

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.

…But at least I’m still posting.

That has to count for something, right?

Isolated Life Days 31-75 refer to the period of April 17th-May 31st, respectively.

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Isolated Life Days 8-10: Goodbye, Adrian

Hey now, I’m catching up with my posts! Sort of. I have not been this active in posting for years.

I’ve also started running out of titles for each of the days. Plus, in this case, one single event was significant enough to encapsulate multiple days. Note that Isolated Life Days 8-10 refer to March 25th, 26th, and 27, respectively.


^The above is a screenshot taken from an email written by Ben, but from all of us.

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Isolated Life Days 5-7: The Competition Starts Now, Preparing for the Worst, and Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

The struggles of trying to keep a daily diary of Isolated Life while being a week behind. Trying to stay relevant with current events while also going back in time to report on what happened a few days ago. Is this what reality TV is like?

Note that Days 5-7 refer to March 22nd, March 23rd, and March 24th, respectively.

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World Cup 2018 (Part 1/2)

Gordon inspired me to write this post.


Gordon, I’m sorry for the photo, but that’s what I picture when I think of you from this trip.

The 2018 IDBF World Cup was so fun! The 2016 World Cup was already super fun and this one was even better. It took place in Chongqing, which was already better than 2016’s Wujin, because it was in a legit city and not in a middle-of-nowhere city. To be very fair, it wasn’t in Chongqing proper, and in fact an hour away from the airport, but hey, good enough. There were shopping malls nearby, and so we were in civilization. It was also better than the five hour drive from the Shanghai airport that the Wujin location was.

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Prepping for the Run Test

So today we had a sort of trial run to prep for the run test we’ll be having in a few weeks. The test will be held at Sunnyside and all of our runs so far have been at High Park, so today’s practice was held at Sunnyside so we could get a feel for the route, get to know the landmarks, figure out our pace, and so on. I also realized that I used the word “so” five times in two sentences, and that’s really just poor writing, so I apologize for that.

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Edmond, Why

After a long hiatus, here is a blog post.

We had our first fit test of the 2017-2018 season a couple Thursdays ago at A4A. It was really more of a baseline test, as none of our subsequent tests will resemble it in any way. The point was to give our recruits (and vets) a general idea of where they stand compared to everybody else and to see what they might need to work or focus on.

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A New Kind of Run

Today was originally scheduled to be the last team run of the off-season. I was a little sad, not because it was the last run, but because we didn’t have the day off because man, I really wanted to sleep in for Easter. While it was an “optional” practice, it was also “highly recommended” and I would’ve felt bad sleeping while the rest of the team was at practice.

Fortunately! Through a joint effort, Gavin was persuaded to allow us to replace the run with a different kind of activity: ultimate frisbee!

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