Everything I have ever wanted in life is on sale next week.

There are seriously so many good things on sale. I want to buy everything.

And that leads to my dilemma.

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Saving Money on Groceries 2.0

In this day and age, apps are all the rage.

Do people even say that anymore? “All the rage?” I don’t think they do…

Introduced to me by Steph, apps can help you save money on groceries! The ones she specifically told me about are Checkout 51, Snap, and Zweet. These are apps that update every week (similarly to flyers) with a list of specific items, which, if you buy them, earn you cashback! Let me explain how it works. (André, this post is for you).

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Combining Sales and Coupons

Shopping by the flyer so you buy food when it’s on sale is important. Using coupons is another good way to save money.

But combining both together? Now that’s where you really save.

I bought two boxes of frozen chicken wings (regular price $9.99+tax each) AND two boxes of breaded chicken strips (regular price $9.99+tax each) for $6.08. Including tax. Total.


Here’s an example of how you can combine different offers and promotions to really get the best bang for your buck.

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Pastrami and Chicken Finger Bagel

It’s bagel time! Bagels were on sale at Metro last week so I bought two bags. They’re also on sale this week at Loblaws with the fill-a-bag event, so make sure that you go over there to stuff your bag full of bagels in the most efficient bagel-stuffing manner. The best way is to fill all the nooks and crannies of the bag and stuff it so that it’s pretty much overflowing.

I ran out of toast and, though I still have a few English muffins, I was in the mood for bagels. So today’s lunch is a bagel sandwich! Pastrami was also on sale at Metro and pastrami is delicious, so it was a good time for a pastrami bagel.


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I’d like to highlight the actions of a Metro employee. I had gone shopping there the other day and bought two packs of toilet paper as well as two frozen meat pies and a cake. Those of you who know me well know that I use my scooter for local transportation so I’m sure it poses no surprise to you that I had my scooter with me at the time. Scooters are usually really great for grocery shopping (much better than skateboards) because one can hang grocery bags on the handlebars. At the time, I only had one reusable grocery bag with me, which was approximately big enough to fit the meat pies and the cake, but not the toilet paper, so I had to ask for an extra plastic bag.

But the toilet paper packs were too big!

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