OC Testing and Flatwater Paddling

Iron Dragons had OC testing two weekends ago in Pickering. It was a good mid-season test to see how people were progressing throughout the summer. I’ve helped out every year at OC testing, though I wasn’t able to this year at the beginning of the season because it took place while all the coaches were at the NDRC spring camp.

Every past season I was one of the steers, since we test in OC-2’s. But not this year! Steering is the worst. You’re essentially out all day in the sun, getting hot and flustered, and getting tired because you’re paddling all day and people testing don’t want to get too worn out so they either take it easy paddling to the start line or don’t paddle at all and you’re just stuck paddling that heavy boat alone and hating life. That was a run-on sentence.

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Fat Day #2

I realize this post is quite late.

It was Fat Day #2 two Wednesdays ago! This time, I celebrated my birthday with my Iron Dragons family. We went out for sushi! I haven’t really been to that many AYCE sushi places so I asked for suggestions. Julian gave me a few, including Sushi House, Kyoto House, and Kuni Sushi Ya. Out of his suggestions, the only one I had been to before was Kuni Sushi Ya, as it’s relatively close to school and my labmates like it a lot.

It was a bit of a last-minute planned event, as I wasn’t even able to confirm the date until the day before the event. I didn’t really care where we went so I asked Julian to pick a place and he picked Sushi House. So that’s where we went!

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The Starbucks Quest

I somehow managed to get a Starbucks rewards card promotion, which came with a free drink, and thus my quest for the perfect (free) Starbucks drink began.

You have to understand that this quest is no ordinary task. It isn’t easy to find the perfect Starbucks drink.

The biggest problem: I don’t like coffee.

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Iron Dragons Christmas Party

I suppose that if we wanted to be politically correct, it ought to be called the “Iron Dragons Holiday Party,” but I’m not particularly concerned with being politically correct and I also like celebrating Christmas. I’m not religious in any way, so to me, “Christmas” is just a word representing “holiday in December where you get presents and food.” Please don’t read into that as any sort of political or religious stance because it isn’t one.


The above picture was taken when people were dancing. Desmond was dancing so fast he made the picture blurry.

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I feel so popular

So eventually I will attempt to come up with a theme or at least categories of some sort so that this blog could potentially have some benefit besides consisting of random thoughts. But for now, I will be lazy. Even not at its best (hopefully), it already has two comments (whoo Julian!) and a favourite (whoo Desmond!). Yay, I feel popular! Shoutout to Julian for suggesting the hexa theme for the layout.

On that note, anybody that sees this should download and install Candy Crush, so they can send me lives. I like to play in between experiment steps at work, and I’m out of lives. 😦

Speaking of work, I think I’m getting tendinitis from polishing electrodes. It’s very tough on the wrist + forearm.

I think this is my longest post so far. I’m getting better. And now I’m making it longer by writing about it being long. *Lengthlengthlength*