Edmond, Why

After a long hiatus, here is a blog post.

We had our first fit test of the 2017-2018 season a couple Thursdays ago at A4A. It was really more of a baseline test, as none of our subsequent tests will resemble it in any way. The point was to give our recruits (and vets) a general idea of where they stand compared to everybody else and to see what they might need to work or focus on.

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Final Fit Test 2017

My blogging has fallen shamelessly off the bandwagon and was stressing me out because I felt pressured to post when I was feeling lazy so I have decided to only post sporadically when I feel like it and thus not have to feel guilty about neglecting it.

I felt like today warranted a post and I’m going to write it right away so I don’t procrastinate and then forget about it and then never ending up actually posting it.

Today we had our final off-season fit test before the water season starts!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Well,  it was, anyway. A while ago. I’m late, I know. I told Edmond I’d have this post done by January and, well, it’s February 12th now. Sorry, Edmond.

That line is pretty much the only one I know from whatever song those lyrics are from.

It’s past the end of the holiday season, which is very sad because now it’s time to go back to real life, but it was nice while it lasted. Lots of time off, seeing friends and family…

Aaand free food, presents, and parties!

So many events, so little time. I’ll post the last episode of the World Cup series at some point, I promise.

Here is the first post of 2017 (which was supposed to be the last post of 2016, but we all know by now how slow I am at posting).

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Last Run

Today was the last run of the 2015-2016 winter season! I maintain that the last run was supposed to have been two weeks ago, when Karen was crowned the NDRC running champion of 2016, but apparently Gavin had other plans and set a run for today as well.

I was a little sad, but it wasn’t terrible, especially because he gave us the option of doing a free-for-all: essentially, we could do whatever we want. Some people did the regular long run, some people did the fun run (aka Indian run), and some people such as yours truly did hills. Some people also did a combination of the above.

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Final Fitness Test

The final NDRC fitness test of the 2015-2016 season is now over! Huzzah!

No more pain for at least another half year.

Highlights of the test, which spanned over several days due to people testing at different times:

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Everything I have ever wanted in life is on sale next week.

There are seriously so many good things on sale. I want to buy everything.

And that leads to my dilemma.

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Too Much Cake

Now, you may be thinking “there’s no such thing as too much cake.” In fact, there both is and isn’t such a thing. There isn’t a thing as too much cake if your purpose is to be happy. However, there is definitely a thing as too much cake if your purpose is to not feel like a pig.

Apparently, in one of the old labs that Mahmoud used to work in, people would bring in cake as a celebration whenever they got a paper published (the first author, that is) and Mahmoud wanted to carry on that tradition here. He and Brenda got a paper published recently in JACS (Journal of the American Chemical Society), which is a very good journal, and he wanted to celebrate. Mahmoud likes to go all out; he went and bought TWO cakes on Monday for our lab’s group meeting. He got this very excellent chocolate cake (a Lindt Swiss chocolate one) and a fluffy cheesecake topped with glazed fruit.


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Monica is Almost the Worst

This post was originally going to be entitled “Monica is the Worst.” Fortunately for her, that title is no longer valid because she is no longer actually the worst and has been replaced.

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Bench PR

We had our second NDRC fitness test of the season today. I died. But that’s how fit tests are.

One thing I love about team fit tests is that you have your team around you cheering you on and you’re all suffering together. I don’t know about other teams, but every team I’ve been on has always had a wonderfully positive attitude with everybody hoping everybody else does well and encouraging each other. While it is true that we are competing against each other, there is no bitter rivalry or bad feeling between teammates because at the same time, we’re all on the same team and part of the same family.

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NDRC BBQ + Burger Sandwich

Yesterday was the NDRC end of year BBQ and team meeting. Lots of good food! I particularly enjoyed the sautéed mushrooms and onions that Derrick made as a topping for the burgers, and the chicken skewers. The chicken skewers were so good. Big thanks to Derrick and Steph for organizing! Also it was nice hanging out with teammates and cool people. Interesting tidbit, I scootered to Derrick’s place from mine (40 minute walk turned into a 20 minute scooter ride) and on my way I passed by Stephano. I didn’t know he was coming and I passed him quite quickly so at the time I just thought to myself “that guy looks kinda like Stephano.” He actually arrived at Derrick’s about a minute after I did, after which I realized the person I passed actually was Stephano. Funnily enough, Daniela wasn’t able to make the party and had told him that, but he thought she had been trolling them (well, turns out she wasn’t).

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture when most of the food was still there, so you will have to be satisfied with the leftovers.


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