Prepping for the Run Test

So today we had a sort of trial run to prep for the run test we’ll be having in a few weeks. The test will be held at Sunnyside and all of our runs so far have been at High Park, so today’s practice was held at Sunnyside so we could get a feel for the route, get to know the landmarks, figure out our pace, and so on. I also realized that I used the word “so” five times in two sentences, and that’s really just poor writing, so I apologize for that.

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Forgotten Water Bottle

I forgot my water bottle at home today.

Forgetting my water bottle means that I have nothing to drink today and will have to go down to the first floor if I get thirsty. Since the elevators in this building are the worst things ever, going down 9 floors is such a hassle. I don’t think I drink enough water normally in the first place so drinking even less is probably not ideal.

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