A New Kind of Run

Today was originally scheduled to be the last team run of the off-season. I was a little sad, not because it was the last run, but because we didn’t have the day off because man, I really wanted to sleep in for Easter. While it was an “optional” practice, it was also “highly recommended” and I would’ve felt bad sleeping while the rest of the team was at practice.

Fortunately! Through a joint effort, Gavin was persuaded to allow us to replace the run with a different kind of activity: ultimate frisbee!

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Sangah Failed Me

I just found out that there was a Big Bang concert in Toronto yesterday. I didn’t know about this! I had actually gone to Montreal for Thanksgiving (will probably post about it at some point, though no guarantees, because I’m lazy) and returned yesterday so I could’ve gone!

I blame everything on Sangah.

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