Back to Practice

I’ve had a fairly long semi-hiatus from paddling and am just coming back to it now. Out of the past 4 weeks, I’ve been out of paddling for 3 of them. One was due to our week off after TIDBRF, one due to the Gordon conference, and one due to my vacation in Montreal between Montreal Challenge and Andy’s wedding.

I’m not all that sure it’s good to be back…

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Back on the Water

Today was our first NDRC water practice of the year. We had almost two full boats (I think 17 paddlers per boat, plus two steers), so I think that set off a nice tone for the rest of the season.

I had originally expected it to be quite cold, as it was forecast to be 3 degrees (feels like -1 with the windchill), but it was actually not that bad. It did look relatively windy, though, so I really did not want to sit up in front since the front gets super wet, particularly on windy days. I’m usually up at the front, somewhere in the seat 1-2 range so I normally would’ve headed to that area, but I was not in the mood today. So I snuck around to the back of the boat and sat in seat 9. I’m pretty sure Justin judged me. He and Brian ended up pacing our boat, which was perfectly fine since both of them are pacers anyway.

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Last Run

Today was the last run of the 2015-2016 winter season! I maintain that the last run was supposed to have been two weeks ago, when Karen was crowned the NDRC running champion of 2016, but apparently Gavin had other plans and set a run for today as well.

I was a little sad, but it wasn’t terrible, especially because he gave us the option of doing a free-for-all: essentially, we could do whatever we want. Some people did the regular long run, some people did the fun run (aka Indian run), and some people such as yours truly did hills. Some people also did a combination of the above.

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Final Fitness Test

The final NDRC fitness test of the 2015-2016 season is now over! Huzzah!

No more pain for at least another half year.

Highlights of the test, which spanned over several days due to people testing at different times:

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Football vs. NDRC

Football 6, NDRC 0.

I think football is one of the most dangerous sports out there for dragon boaters. It’s as if the football gods and the dragon boat gods really don’t like each other and decided to take it out on the hapless worshippers of the others’ shrine.

I’m not even sure if the score is 6-0. Football might have scored even more points that I’m not aware of.

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NDRC BBQ + Burger Sandwich

Yesterday was the NDRC end of year BBQ and team meeting. Lots of good food! I particularly enjoyed the sautéed mushrooms and onions that Derrick made as a topping for the burgers, and the chicken skewers. The chicken skewers were so good. Big thanks to Derrick and Steph for organizing! Also it was nice hanging out with teammates and cool people. Interesting tidbit, I scootered to Derrick’s place from mine (40 minute walk turned into a 20 minute scooter ride) and on my way I passed by Stephano. I didn’t know he was coming and I passed him quite quickly so at the time I just thought to myself “that guy looks kinda like Stephano.” He actually arrived at Derrick’s about a minute after I did, after which I realized the person I passed actually was Stephano. Funnily enough, Daniela wasn’t able to make the party and had told him that, but he thought she had been trolling them (well, turns out she wasn’t).

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture when most of the food was still there, so you will have to be satisfied with the leftovers.


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Slowing down

It’s only the second day of this blog’s life and I’m already slowing down. But I figure it should really end up being max one post per day so I guess that’s okay.

So we had practice today and it was pretty decent. We didn’t fill up two boats, but I think a lot of people are on vacation. I would also like to mention that Adrian (while being a beast) is the worst pacer ever. He paced with Ben for a while, and apparently, Adrian just does his own thing but luckily his own thing happened to match Ben’s own thing. He was actually fine in seat 1 with me as well, but when he moved himself back to seat 2 (with nobody in front of him), he was THE WORST. I should therefore make an amend to my earlier comment: he’s the worst seat 2 when nobody’s in front of him. I’m pretty sure he was 180 degrees out of sync. Ben kept calling him out for it. Eventually I tried sort of looking back and matching up with him behind me. It was interesting, to say the least.

Disclaimer: The only reason I wrote this post is because I’m boiling water for Chris for when he comes back tomorrow and I need to do something while I’m waiting.