Bioanalytical Sensors (Part 2/3)

And so we continue the story of the Gordon conference shenanigans, where we were all very much hard at work conferencing and doing conference things and being all conferencey. Just so you know, going to conferences includes going to the beach.


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Bioanalytical Sensors (Part 1/3)

Last week, I went to a conference with three of my labmates (Adam, Peter, and Wenhan) and we had a blast. It was a Gordon Conference called Bioanalytical Sensors and lasted 6 days. It was held at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island so not exactly an extremely exotic location but I had never been there (or even heard of Salve Regina) before, so it was a new experience.


^The above picture was taken by Andy at MIT, which I realize isn’t at our conference site, but I don’t have any other pictures of all four of us together.

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Hydrophobic vs. Hydrophilic

I have been defeated by hydrophobicity.

For my first science-related post, I will explain the difference between something that is hydrophobic and something that is hydrophilic.

These words share the first half, “hydro,” which is a combining form that relates a word to water (e.g. hydrodynamic, Hydro-Québec). The second half of the word indicates whether a substance dislikes water (-phobic) or likes water (-philic).

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