Movie Commentary: Star Wars I

Here we go, episode I. Where it all started. At least, I’m assuming that. I don’t actually know. Note that there will be spoilers.

This episode starts with the usual wall of text. Jedi knights are alive and well and there are skirmishes they have to go control, is my understanding. I guess they’re kind of like a galactic police force?

There are two people who I’m assuming are a jedi master and apprentice. The apprentice has this little ponytail at the back of his head that looks funny. I really don’t think it suits him. It looks like someone just stuck it there with glue.

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Movie Commentary: Star Wars IV

I’m on a train and I’m watching Star Wars, episode 4. I’ve never watched any of the Star Wars movies before (don’t judge me!) until the latest one came out and Heming wanted to see it. It got me interested so now I’m watching the first six, starting with IV.

I tend to like commenting on movies as I watch them (it’s what makes me terrible to watch movies with) and was writing to the Iron Dragons execs, but Desmond got annoyed so I’m going to make it into a blog post instead.

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