Offending All Cultures

It’s another Caren-would-not-approve kind of post. And not just Caren this time. It’s likely a lot of people would not approve.

It all stemmed from the fact that I’ve been running out of conventional sandwich-making materials. No bread, no cold cuts. So it was time to improvise!

I didn’t even have bagels, so the first step was to find some kind of base. I hate washing Tupperware and it’s such a hassle to microwave my lunch (hence why I prefer leftovers inside sandwiches to bringing leftovers with rice). The only carb base we had left was tortillas. So lunch was going to be a wrap!

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Pastrami and Chicken Finger Bagel

It’s bagel time! Bagels were on sale at Metro last week so I bought two bags. They’re also on sale this week at Loblaws with the fill-a-bag event, so make sure that you go over there to stuff your bag full of bagels in the most efficient bagel-stuffing manner. The best way is to¬†fill all the nooks and crannies of the bag and stuff it so that it’s pretty much overflowing.

I ran out of toast and, though I still have a few English muffins, I was in the mood for bagels. So today’s lunch is a bagel sandwich! Pastrami was also on sale at Metro and pastrami is delicious, so it was a good time for a pastrami bagel.


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Roasted Vegetables and Truffle Cream Sauce

Today’s sandwich was a good sandwich! In Montreal, I always used to make sandwiches with leftovers for filling because it was easier and that way my parents wouldn’t have to buy cold cuts for me. However, in Toronto, leftovers have been a bit more of a precious commodity (the more leftovers we have, the less we have to cook), so it was easier to buy cold cuts and save the good food for breakfast and dinner.


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