Isolated Life Days 76-94: Quarantine Cooking – Egg Bread

It has would have been 81 days since I stepped outside the house. That streak has been broken, however, as I went out on a walk around the neighbourhood last Sunday with my parents. One outing per every three months should be sufficient to get enough Vitamin D in my life, right?


Note that Isolated Life Days 76-94 refer to the period of June 1st to 19th, respectively.

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MyFitnessPal Update

Eric is the worst.

I was going to write a post about Eric being my new favourite because he bought me a breakfast sandwich, but then he ruined it by being a brat and calling me old and fat.

So let it be known that Eric is the worst. And he is also fat. And a baby. Lily still needs to babysit her little cousin.

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I have a Problem

I think I’m addicted to Wheat Thins.

Every time I see them on sale, I buy them. And not just one box. I buy several boxes. The first time we bought Wheat Thins, I thought it was okay because it was the first time so we could be excused for buying so many. The second time, I figured it was also okay because they were on sale, even cheaper than when we had bought them the first time. Then the third time came along and I started getting worried. But they were on sale for like $1.49 each and that’s such a good price.

They’re just so darn good.

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Everything I have ever wanted in life is on sale next week.

There are seriously so many good things on sale. I want to buy everything.

And that leads to my dilemma.

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Fat Day #2

I realize this post is quite late.

It was Fat Day #2 two Wednesdays ago! This time, I celebrated my birthday with my Iron Dragons family. We went out for sushi! I haven’t really been to that many AYCE sushi places so I asked for suggestions. Julian gave me a few, including Sushi House, Kyoto House, and Kuni Sushi Ya. Out of his suggestions, the only one I had been to before was Kuni Sushi Ya, as it’s relatively close to school and my labmates like it a lot.

It was a bit of a last-minute planned event, as I wasn’t even able to confirm the date until the day before the event. I didn’t really care where we went so I asked Julian to pick a place and he picked Sushi House. So that’s where we went!

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Fat Day #1

It’s my birthday in two days! I decided to have two birthday dinners to celebrate, one with each of my dragon boat families. Today was the first one, with NDRC, which was held at Dragon Pearl. Dragon Pearl is one of my favourite buffets and I super recommend it. It’s so fancy and has a ton of variety. So basically today was the first of two fat days because going to a buffet means eating as much as you can because you’re Asian and want to get your money’s worth.

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Offending All Cultures

It’s another Caren-would-not-approve kind of post. And not just Caren this time. It’s likely a lot of people would not approve.

It all stemmed from the fact that I’ve been running out of conventional sandwich-making materials. No bread, no cold cuts. So it was time to improvise!

I didn’t even have bagels, so the first step was to find some kind of base. I hate washing Tupperware and it’s such a hassle to microwave my lunch (hence why I prefer leftovers inside sandwiches to bringing leftovers with rice). The only carb base we had left was tortillas. So lunch was going to be a wrap!

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Too Much Cake

Now, you may be thinking “there’s no such thing as too much cake.” In fact, there both is and isn’t such a thing. There isn’t a thing as too much cake if your purpose is to be happy. However, there is definitely a thing as too much cake if your purpose is to not feel like a pig.

Apparently, in one of the old labs that Mahmoud used to work in, people would bring in cake as a celebration whenever they got a paper published (the first author, that is) and Mahmoud wanted to carry on that tradition here. He and Brenda got a paper published recently in JACS (Journal of the American Chemical Society), which is a very good journal, and he wanted to celebrate. Mahmoud likes to go all out; he went and bought TWO cakes on Monday for our lab’s group meeting. He got this very excellent chocolate cake (a Lindt Swiss chocolate one) and a fluffy cheesecake topped with glazed fruit.


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