DBC Town Hall

Today Yesterday, Dragon Boat Canada held a town hall meeting where they introduced the central region committee members and explained the general workings of DBC. I learned that the central region includes not only Ontario, but also Nunavut. Did you know that?

It was rather less exciting than I thought it would be because for some reason I was half-expecting there to be heated discussions over rule changes and policies, but it was in fact quite a civil meeting. Slightly disappointing, to be honest. Gordon and I got there late and Ben got there even later, so all three NDRC representatives made a rather nice impression there (we did have the largest single club representation, however). There weren’t very many people present, but since the meeting was mostly logistical/administrative, I don’t think the average paddler would have been very interested anyway, as Jess confirmed when she said that kind of thing would just go right by her.

Gordon had kindly agreed to pick me up at Bayview station and drive me to Afterburn, because I didn’t want to TTC all the way (I was kind of sad to have had to TTC part of the way since that uses up a token, but, well, sacrifices must be made), though he had asked me to meet him south of Sheppard and east of Bayview and I had gotten lost so he had to pick me up on Barberry instead. We ended up getting to Afterburn about 15 minutes late but he had to pee and I didn’t want to enter the meeting without him because it would be awkward so I waited for him and we actually ended up getting there even later. I tried to get Rebecca to come too, but she wasn’t interested.

A confession: I kept my rain boots on when walking into Afterburn. Hopefully Andrew never finds out about this blog.

After the meeting, we stayed a little while waiting for Joelle to finish her workout. I talked to Jess for a bit, who, I would like to announce, was trying out Olympic lifting a day prior and crashed the bar into her face, knocking her glasses off, and bruising her prominent Caucasian nose. Very dangerous sport. Afterward, Ben, Joelle, and I went to Phoenix to eat. I try not to eat out too often because it gets expensive, but I really like Phoenix and I wanted a ride back because I didn’t want to spend a token. I also wouldn’t have known how to get back on my own. Ben and Joelle, on the other hand, have no qualms about eating out and in fact lead very extravagant lifestyles by eating out every day. Chris was still working at school so I ordered an extra dish and brought him food while Ben was very nice in driving me to school so I wouldn’t have to walk in the rain. Thank you, Ben, what would I do without you.

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