A New Kind of Run

Today was originally scheduled to be the last team run of the off-season. I was a little sad, not because it was the last run, but because we didn’t have the day off because man, I really wanted to sleep in for Easter. While it was an “optional” practice, it was also “highly recommended” and I would’ve felt bad sleeping while the rest of the team was at practice.

Fortunately! Through a joint effort, Gavin was persuaded to allow us to replace the run with a different kind of activity: ultimate frisbee!

Minh brought a big box of sports equipment including about a million footballs, but Ben is extremely against playing football because of the high injury rate associated with it, so we stuck with frisbee. We were divided into two teams of left vs. right.

The left side consisted of Ben, our fearless leader, Minh, Ted, Alfred, Davis, Cecilia, Monica, and myself. The right side was made up of Jeff, Edmond, Tim, Samson, Karen, Ivy, Benson (does he even go here?), Navarro, and someone whose name I think is Shankar. I’d like to note here that Shankar has been coming to our team runs on a regular basis but until today I had no idea who he was and thought he was just someone’s random friend, but turns out he’s on New College, so not as random as I’d thought.

Let’s compare the teams. Jeff is tall and good. Edmond is tall and good. In fact, Edmond has this uncanny ability to always be where the frisbee is going to go and interrupt our team’s throws to strike it down flat. He makes it look so easy. I attribute it to the height. Samson is not tall but good, though he isn’t very good at catching. Tim is tall and unfortunately I don’t remember whether he was good or not, but I’ll just assume he was good. Karen is short and good. Ivy is tall and good. Benson spied on our team and kept yelling about our strategy to his team. Not that it mattered that much, since our strategy was Ben yelling “slow it down.” Benson would yell “speed it up” or “fast slow fast slow” in retaliation in attempts to confuse us but I don’t think anybody really listened to either command so it didn’t make much difference. Navarro yelled a lot, mainly to distract us, which ended up working quite well on Cecilia who would get nervous, scream, and panic (she’s actually adorable). I don’t actually remember if Benson or Navarro were good, only that they both yelled a lot. Shankar is amazing at catching.

For our team: Ben is of decent height and good. Minh isn’t really tall, but he’s good. He also enjoys tumbling and diving. Ted is tall and good. Davis I think is of decent height and good. Alfred is short but good. Cecilia is short but good, though she also got stressed out easily. Monica and I are both short and useless. We also tried marking Jeff and Edmond, which really mightn’t have been the best idea in hindsight. Cecilia took pity on me once and tried passing me the frisbee from like a meter away, but Jeff was cruel and knocked it down. Our team definitely did not have the height advantage. Or the numbers advantage (Monica and I really counted as minus two). Or the skill advantage. At one point, a random person joined our left side team for a little while who was actually quite good, but she only stayed for a bit, and her departure was a severe loss. I should mention that Monica made a catch once and took three steps, which is technically not allowed, but we let it go.

Our team was pretty bad at throwing and catching. For the longest time, everybody tried throwing the frisbee as far as they could, but nobody could catch it, so they shrunk the distance and focused on short passes. As previously mentioned, in an attempt to reduce the panicked aimless throws, Ben kept yelling “slow it down” but people still panicked a lot and threw sooner than they probably should have, which resulted in many misses.

We were at a constant 3-4 points behind for a while (I was impressed we managed to get points at all). Ben, ever tireless, kept up the optimism and was convinced we could still win. He really wanted to win. While I admire the confidence, it was a lost cause. Ben was definitely wrong and there was no way we could catch up. I think we ended up losing 15-7 or something like that. While it was a very sad loss and while I was completely useless, the game was fun and I do admit that I much prefer ultimate frisbee to both hills and High Park runs.

P.S. I was super tired for today’s practice because I ended up getting about four hours of sleep after celebrating Friendseaster yesterday (yay, ham) so after practice, I showered and passed out to nap for another four hours. Nice way to end the weekend. Happy Easter!

P.P.S. We celebrated Friendseaster partly because I didn’t go back to Montreal this Easter, because my parents told me not to come back because they don’t love me (kidding, they went to China for the holiday and only came back today). We had a potluck at Lucky’s (his mum made delicious ham) and I brought deviled eggs. I think Lucky has lived a very sheltered life because he didn’t know what deviled eggs were. I went to Shopper’s yesterday morning to buy eggs because they were on sale for $1.77 a dozen and while I originally wanted to get three cartons (one for Lucky’s, two for me), there was a limit of two per customer, after which the price was $1.99, which wasn’t a bad price, but I refused to get more because I have principles. If anybody wants to get eggs in the next 17 minutes, they’re still on sale at Shopper’s today (I was too lazy to go again).


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