Final Fit Test 2017

My blogging has fallen shamelessly off the bandwagon and was stressing me out because I felt pressured to post when I was feeling lazy so I have decided to only post sporadically when I feel like it and thus not have to feel guilty about neglecting it.

I felt like today warranted a post and I’m going to write it right away so I don’t procrastinate and then forget about it and then never ending up actually posting it.

Today we had our final off-season fit test before the water season starts!

The Afterburn members tested a little earlier outside of the team testing slot because we have too many team members to fit into our specified slot and are really cheap and don’t want to pay for a longer slot. A few people also tested beforehand because they couldn’t make today’s date (such as the Myrtle national team tryoutees, good luck!) and a few people still haven’t tested because they couldn’t make any dates due to various reasons. Ben had enlisted Chris and me to help out with the Afterburn member fit test (note that he never actually asked us to, but just included us in the “volunteer” list). Originally I was supposed to be on pullups while Ben tested (and we would then switch roles afterward), but he ended up testing yesterday and took over the whole time instead, so I took over the duty of recording weights. I must admit that I preferred this job because testing pullups is stressful and I have to stand on a box for a prolonged period of time while craning my neck, which is very uncomfortable and I wasn’t ecstatic about doing that right before my own test. Recording weights also afforded me the time to warm up for my own bench test in a relaxed manner so I wasn’t in a rush.

My bench test went…okay. I improved over the last test with 140 lb for 5 reps, where I got 135 lb for 5 reps. Unfortunately I didn’t improve over last year’s test, during which I got the same result. However I do weigh significantly less than last year so that’s a plus. I think this new scale might be light, but that would make everybody else heavier, so who really knows. I only weigh about 0.2 lb more than Jess, who has now been renamed by Joe to Fat Jess. During the last fit test, Karen and I were almost the exact same weight, but for this test, I went down while Karen went up, so Edmond renamed Karen to Fatter Karen.

Paddle erg followed the bench test. Ben messed up during the last test and had accidentally switched the (hard) erg meant for guys with the (easier) one meant for girls. This time at my suggestion he switched them back. This switch meant that the guys had a harder time of it and probably got a little slower, while the girls had a much easier time and thus significantly improved. Regardless, I was quite happy with my erg result as I had been expecting to be much slower than what I got. Notable mentions here include the facts that Seb M beat Adrian on the erg (first time Adrian got beaten?!) and that Theresa stopped about one stroke early and was therefore about 0.4 m away from hitting 400 m, reminding us all to finish that last stroke. Adrian did throw up twice, though, after paddle erg and after rowing erg, so he wasn’t exactly feeling the best. Ben does also owe him two free lunches.

Pullups made up the next test, administered by Ben. I was almost super happy with this test, as I PR’ed with 21 pullups. I had never gotten over 18 in a test before and my max even in training was 20, so I was very happy. However, I could have been even happier as I almost got 22, but Ben deducted my 18th. Mean guy. Totally killed my morale for my last 4 and made me so depressed that I didn’t have the mental strength for more and gave up.

The last test was rowing erg, which I don’t want to talk about very much because I hate this test. Derrick tried very hard to persuade Ben to switch it for something else like lactic bench but Ben remained immovable. I am very bad at rowing erg. That’s pretty much all I have to say.

Other interesting things that happened include Bogdan not testing due to injury, but then deciding to do a paddle erg test after everybody else had left the room and when he thought nobody was looking. Surprise! I caught him and wrote down his score. And then weighed him since he started to test. Additionally, we were all freaking out about MBJ and wondering why he hadn’t shown up to the test and thought he might’ve flaked on us, but then Gavin came up to us and asked why nobody told MBJ he had gone to the wrong Afterburn. Apparently he had gone to the wrong place and just waited there, wondering where we were and warming up on his own. Derrick also came late, because he was operating all night and asked for a couple of hours off from saving lives to come test, and then had to immediately return to the OR (shout-out to dedicated doctors!). Another notable event: Ivy got her first pullup! Yay Ivy! Karen and Jess tied for pullups, which made both of them very angry as they had been aiming to beat each other (friendly competition is very healthy). Finally, I ought to mention that Edmond was apparently very annoying to Ben as he had originally asked to test on Saturday since he wanted to go to church today, but didn’t realize that testing outside of the allotted time meant he had to pay the $12 drop-in fee and took a day to decide that he didn’t want to pay extra money and would thus test with the rest of us today, while possibly getting the misconception that he couldn’t enter Afterburn at all otherwise, ending with him driving Jess to the test on Saturday anyway and waiting in his car for 4 hours for her. That was a run-on sentence.

Overall, a successful test. People worked hard and it was a good day. Almost time for the water season!

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