Monica has converted me.

At least for a little while.

She downloaded this app called MyFitnessPal that tracks calories in/out (food, exercise, etc.) and I thought it was really interesting. It has quite an extensive arsenal of brands and foods (though not so much for exercise). I finally decided to install it and try it out for several reasons, one of those reasons being I was interested in seeing how my food and daily activities pan out numerically. Another reason is I kind of want to lose weight because pullups and endurance bench are so much easier at lighter weights (Marcella has to lift nothing!) and exercise hasn’t been doing it for me (ugh, cardio!) and diet is supposed to be the way to go for that anyway. Though I consider myself somewhat reasonably fit, I do have unnecessary fat I could afford to get rid of. Plus, I probably do eat too much normally anyway (I eat a lot).

First impressions?

  1. I put myself as low active because I sit around a lot at my desk during the day. I’m also short. And I gave myself the minimum weigh loss goal of losing 0.5 lb/week. BUT WHY AM I ONLY ALLOWED 1310 CALORIES A DAY.
  2. That’s even lower than Monica’s allowance. WHY.
  3. OMG it’s so difficult to figure out how many g or tbsp or mL some things are.
  4. I don’t remember how many forkfuls of potato salad I had this morning.
  5. Oh, that’s pretty cool, this app has so many brands, it even has the Compliments potato egg salad in it and the Brookside free-sample cranberry and almond dark chocolate I had for breakfast.
  6. I almost forgot, I had a sip of orange juice this morning. What fraction of a serving size was that?
  7. Why doesn’t scootering count as a regular exercise. It’s not fair.
  8. I ate five spicy peanuts. This app happens to have this random Chinese brand that I bought (Huang Fei Hong!). I’m not sure how many tbsp five peanuts are. Why doesn’t this app have measurements in number of peanuts?
  9. Ugh, homemade sandwich ingredients are the worst to put into this app.
  10. Surprisingly, the app doesn’t have an option for olive oil flavoured Miracle Whip mayo (though it has regular Miracle Whip mayo). It’s probably because even the app knows that Helmann’s is better (but Miracle Whip was on sale).
  11. I allowed myself to eat 5 Wheat Thin crackers (reduced fat!). That’s 42 calories.
  12. After breakfast, snack, and lunch, I have 562 calories left for the day.
  13. Interestingly enough, I think Monica may have found the best motivation for me to do more cardio. Her pro tip: do more cardio to be able to get more calories.
  14. I ate five more peanuts. 496 calories remaining for dinner.
  15. I need the most filling, most satisfying, lowest calorie-containing food I can find. Please send help. I need suggestions.
  16. After the peanuts, I felt pretty decent. But a few hours later, I was getting hungry. Hungry and sad because I had so few calories left.
  17. I debated giving up.
  18. Chris laughed at me because I hadn’t even gone 12 hours yet.
  19. I decided to not give up.
  20. I stopped feeling hungry. Sort of like that feeling when you become so hungry everything is just numb.
  21. I wonder how long it takes for the body to go into starvation mode.
  22. I couldn’t do much in the gym today because of my shoulder but, deciding to listen to Monica’s suggestion, went for a run. Yes! 200 more calories! Now I have so many calories for dinner.
  23. I made fried eggs and scrambled eggs for dinner and had to portion them out carefully so I wouldn’t eat too much.
  24. Yes! Brussels sprouts have so few calories in them I can eat all I want.
  25. Aha! I can make myself fuller by drinking soup. I love miso soup. But goodness, the sodium.
  26. Ugh…my sodium and fat levels for today are definitely over what they should be. Now I have to care about those things too?
  27. Hm, not bad. I’m actually full and I still have 253 calories left for the day! I feel so accomplished.
  28. I deserve another fish dumpling.
  29. So I think I will eat another fish dumpling.
  30. I ate another fish dumpling.
  31. And a Brussels sprout.
  32. And I caved and ate a dessert brownie.
  33. I am now down to 122 remaining calories.
  34. I think I will stop now.
  35. Not too bad!
  36. Tomorrow we’re heading off to Hart House Farm with  Iron Dragons so I might put MFP on hold for the day because as everybody knows, calories don’t count when you’re away from home.

Please note that I don’t intend this post to be encouragement for diets or anything. I’m just trying out the app as a personal experiment. I’m pretty terrible at diets and being healthy is more important anyway. And I definitely don’t encourage needless weight loss or anorexia or unhealthy habits. So if you happen to read this post and think “I should go and achieve needless weight loss,” don’t be silly.

We’ll see how this journey goes and if I can last. I may give up soon or I may endure and emerge a lighter, fitter person. Who knows?

P.S. I’m so good, I wrote TWO posts super close together from scratch (i.e. they weren’t pre-written/started drafts). I was a little afraid that people would miss the first post and I was right because Jess didn’t realize I had written two and only saw this one.


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