I have a Problem

I think I’m addicted to Wheat Thins.

Every time I see them on sale, I buy them. And not just one box. I buy several boxes. The first time we bought Wheat Thins, I thought it was okay because it was the first time so we could be excused for buying so many. The second time, I figured it was also okay because they were on sale, even cheaper than when we had bought them the first time. Then the third time came along and I started getting worried. But they were on sale for like $1.49 each and that’s such a good price.

They’re just so darn good.

I think I’ve now tried every flavour. The best by far is still the multigrain flavour, but the original flavour is pretty good as well. Spinach and garlic, tomato and basil, and sweet potato are all okay, but the first two are so good that it isn’t worth buying the others. Of course, the best part about Wheat Thins (particularly the multigrain ones) is that they not only taste great on their own, but somehow enhance the flavour of Balderson aged cheddar.


It’s like actually very bad. See above for my arsenal of Wheat Thins (and a few other crackers). Sorry for the blurriness, my phone camera isn’t very good and I’m not rich enough to want to splurge on a fancy camera.

I’ll probably be tempted to buy more of them if they go on sale again for a good price, but unless they can beat $1.49 I’ll be able to finish a few boxes before that happens again.

P.S. I still can’t get over the name. “Wheat Thins” just doesn’t SOUND good.


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