Last Run

Today was the last run of the 2015-2016 winter season! I maintain that the last run was supposed to have been two weeks ago, when Karen was crowned the NDRC running champion of 2016, but apparently Gavin had other plans and set a run for today as well.

I was a little sad, but it wasn’t terrible, especially because he gave us the option of doing a free-for-all: essentially, we could do whatever we want. Some people did the regular long run, some people did the fun run (aka Indian run), and some people such as yours truly did hills. Some people also did a combination of the above.

I’ve found recently that I like writing out highlights of certain events because it’s easier and I’m lazy. So I’m going to write out highlights again:

  1. I chose to do hills and Amar and Mel joined me from the start.
  2. We later had company join us as several people did a top loop and then hills, a full lap and then hills, two top loops and then hills, a top loop then a hill then a top loop and more hills, or some other combination I don’t know of. And Black Mark skipped rope and did pushups.
  3. Adrian followed people along on his scooter since he has a broken foot, but he miscalculated and went down the hill. And then had a terrible time getting back up.
  4. Mel and I each did a few full  hills, but then started doing suicides after a while.
  5. We actually did opposite-side suicides, with me starting from the bottom going up and her starting from the top going down.
  6. I used landmarks as my suicide benchmarks, trying to approximate even sections throughout the hill, such as bends in the road or the green post.
  7. Mel did her suicides a little differently and used other runners as her landmarks, which meant that her landmarks moved too and sometimes she lost them.
  8. Ben wanted to do the full two laps to see how fast he was since he had been training running again recently.
  9. However, it didn’t matter how fast he was, nor how many laps Karen did, Karen is still the NDRC running champion of 2016.
  10. André is definitely a distant third in the running champion race, not having been to either of the last two runs.
  11. Derrick followed closely behind Ben for a while and tried to clip him. I believe he also slapped Ben’s butt at one point. Ben should appreciate that, but I’m not sure he did. He’s not very nice to Derrick.
  12. Ben’s not very nice to Karen either.
  13. Or Pearl.
  14. Particularly Pearl.
  15. Ben’s not nice to many people, actually.
  16. Pearl’s a really nice person, though, so Ben should probably try being nice to her and I’m sure she’d be nice back.
  17. Ben thinks that I should find different nicknames for Black Mark and White Mark. However, I think that’s the easiest way to differentiate them based on sight. You can’t just call one Tall Mark and Medium Mark because if they’re not next to each other you can’t be sure which one is supposed to be the tall or short one if you haven’t seen the other. You also can’t tell which Mark is the Waterloo one or the Olympic one just by looking at them. You can’t even tell which one is bald and which one has hair because Black Mark often wears a hat. Therefore, I will maintain that Black Mark and White Mark are the best nicknames.
  18. Karen ate part of Ben’s steak since, you know, she’s the NDRC running champion of 2016. Really, Ben should have given her his entire steak but she was being generous.
  19. That’s the last run and if there’s another one somehow I think I would die. I’ve already psyched myself up too much for the thought of no more runs, there’s no going back now.

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