Final Fitness Test

The final NDRC fitness test of the 2015-2016 season is now over! Huzzah!

No more pain for at least another half year.

Highlights of the test, which spanned over several days due to people testing at different times:

  1. Ben wasn’t the worst today because he didn’t give me any deductions on my pullups. 🙂
  2. However, he is the worst for deciding to test paddle erg before pullups. Most painful (and saddest) thing ever.
  3. Steph was a beast and benched 180 lb.
  4. Quinlan was a huger beast and benched 200 lb.
  5. I PR’ed in bench! 140 lb x 5!
  6. I did not PR in pullups due to aforementioned testing order. 😦
  7. Adrian did amazingly well even while being broken. I’m not sure if he’s even human.
  8. Steph garnered a bit of a fan club when ID saw her doing pullups.
  9. The rivalry between Alfred and Ben is strong.
  10. Brian is actually amazing. So small yet so strong. Very good work ethic, that one. Same as Marcella. These little ones also get to bench nothing in endurance bench, lucky people.
  11. André squeezed out everything he could get with bench, using teeny 1 lb plates to add to his total.
  12. Gordon has joined the sub-1:50 club!
  13. Terence went to his second fitness test ever.
  14. Monica got to go down a weight class in endurance bench. I wonder if her Fit Pal app is the reason.
  15. Vy didn’t want to warm up for bench by benching (due to an injury), so decided to warm up with pushups and just go straight for her testing weight. I was afraid for her.
  16. So many people cancelled today last-minute due to illness.
  17. Ben beat Adrian in two exercises for the first time in six years. Though Adrian still beat Ben overall.
  18. In fact, many people beat Adrian. That endurance bench.
  19. Bogdan wasn’t able to come since he was having his baby shower. I think Baby Bogdan would be cute and I think he should name his baby Bogby.
  20. White Mark is super close to the (calculated) 300 lb bench club. I swear calling him “White Mark” isn’t a racist thing.
  21. Calling Black Mark “Black Mark” isn’t racist either.
  22. Joëlle came all the way from Montreal to test with the team.
  23. Brian and Derrick’s endurance benches were very impressive, as was Marcella’s.
  24. Ben refused to buy Adrian lunch despite Adrian throwing up during the fitness test, which is apparently team policy.
  25. Gavin gave us the rest of the weekend off, meaning no run on Sunday morning! We wouldn’t be able to do the High Park run anyway, because Karen has already been crowned the NDRC running champion of 2016 and that can’t be changed.

Fitness tests are terrible ordeals, but also nice at the same time because it’s a great team environment and everybody cheers on each other in a very positive atmosphere. It’s great to be at a fitness test; it’s just horrible to do the testing. But we’re done for the season so looking forward to getting onto the water!


2 thoughts on “Final Fitness Test

  1. CC says:

    Wait, Ben buys people lunch if they throw up from fit test? Where’s my free lunch after first fit test? Can I collect interest?


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