NDRC Running Champion of 2016

There was an interesting turn of events that led to an unexpected running champion being crowned.

Ben has apparently had the best time on NDRC for the team run for forever (since he’s that old) until this year. Last year, he consistently beat André, but André got closer and closer until he was only a few seconds behind Ben. This year, André finally caught up and surpassed Ben, achieving a new record and becoming the fastest runner on NDRC. It was the dawn of a new era! André seemed destined to take on the title of NDRC running champion of 2016.

And then tragedy struck.

André broke his foot. Technically, he didn’t actually break it, but he hurt it somehow, a suspected stress fracture precursor. He had to stop running because of it. It looked like Ben was slated to win the running champion title by default. André was very upset about all of this, mind you, and fair bristled with frustration when we teased him about losing the title to Ben. He claimed that the title should be given to the person that won the most head-to-head runs, which would be him. The other option would be the person that won the most runs, absolutely speaking. This position would, in fact, belong to both André and Ben, as they have apparently each won four runs in the year of 2016 (according to André’s count), though Ben has only won runs where André was not present. Ben, on the other hand, insisted that the title should be belong to the person that wins the last run of the season. Lately, that would have been Ben, as André has been having to sit the runs out due to his foot. It seemed that Ben had all but had it in the bag. André was not happy.

But that’s not quite how it turned out.

Yesterday was to be the last run of the winter. André, still out of commission, was going to sit it out so it was looking like Ben was on his way to an easy win, even though he’s been slow recently (through either laziness since there’s no more competition for him or because he’s getting old or some combination of the two). Mother Nature, it turned out, had other plans. Early yesterday morning, Gavin messaged us all through the team Whatsapp (or as he likes to call it, Whatsup) that the run was…cancelled! Due to -14 frigid temperatures with windchill. Not gonna lie, I was happy (though I had gone through all the trouble of getting up early so it was a bit of a bother trying to get back to sleep). Pretty sure most people weren’t all that disappointed.

Except for one.

Poor Karen, coming from faraway Mississauga, hadn’t gotten Gavin’s message in time (it isn’t safe to Whatsapp and drive!) and was the only person that went to the run. And good girl that she is, she went and did it by herself. So hardcore! (As Ben says).

It’s a little funny since Karen tends to be the last one to finish the two laps. Not because she’s slow. In fact, she’s around the middle of the pack. She just happens to be really unlucky in that everybody slower than her (including me) usually only does one or one and a half laps and drops out earlier, such that Karen is the last one to actually complete both laps. Well, jokes on everybody else this time. Karen is the new NDRC running champion of 2016!


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