Football vs. NDRC

Football 6, NDRC 0.

I think football is one of the most dangerous sports out there for dragon boaters. It’s as if the football gods and the dragon boat gods really don’t like each other and decided to take it out on the hapless worshippers of the others’ shrine.

I’m not even sure if the score is 6-0. Football might have scored even more points that I’m not aware of.

The most recent casualty is, of course, Adrian. One would think that with a broken finger, he would be a little more careful, but turns out Adrian is of the opinion that if he broke one bone, the chances of him breaking something else would be very low. Well, the football gods decided to teach him a lesson. Broken finger, broken foot, I think he’s forced to take a bit of a break (teehee) now.

Another casualty was the other half of Adriella (that couple did not have good luck last game). Marcella hurt her her toe, I believe. I’m not sure how much it impacted her, but she was running a little funnily while at the sled station at practice on Monday. Pearl, I think, was hurt by Ben somehow. Something like an ankle injury, though I’m hazy on the specifics. Of course, there’s Ben himself, who hurt his knees or his back or both because he’s an old man. There were likely other injuries this season I hadn’t heard about, but those are the ones I remember. Finally, there was Joe last year at Woodstock, who dislocated his finger from a football.

I’m telling you, football gods probably don’t think dragon boaters are worthy enough to play their sport so the gods try to discourage paddlers from playing.

Skiing gods don’t really like dragon boaters either. Karen’s shoulder got messed up bad and Daniela claimed an injury as well. Maybe the gods are just jealous.


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