Everything I have ever wanted in life is on sale next week.

There are seriously so many good things on sale. I want to buy everything.

And that leads to my dilemma.

It all stems from the fact that we have a small refrigerator. When things go on sale, I like to stock up, which can quickly fill up the fridge. Stocking up or having a lot of good things go on sale wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for Easter weekend. Why is it a problem if it’s Easter weekend, you ask? Because, my friend, I have very nice parents. What’s the connection? Over long weekends, I like to go home to Montreal to visit my family and when that happens, my parents will usually cook up a batch of food for me to bring back to Toronto. When Chris and I both go back (both our parents usually send us back with food), we pretty much fill up the fridge with homecooked food from Montreal. Unfortunately, in these instances, there isn’t much room left for other food. There usually isn’t a need to buy more food but this week there is just too much good stuff on sale that I can’t ignore it.

What’s on sale this week? So many things! It’s so exciting. Prime rib’s on sale at Metro for $5.88/lb. With the student discount, that makes out to be $5.29/lb, which is a pretty darn good price. If you aren’t a student, Loblaws also has prime rib on sale for $5.77/lb, which is a slightly better deal than Metro’s. Salmon is also on sale for $7.99/lb at Metro, but that’s a pretty standard sale, nothing special. It’s on sale pretty much all the time for that price.

Besides meat, the other very excellent items on sale include all manner of cheeses. I don’t remember what event it was, but at some point in time, Derrick introduced us to Boursin cheese. This cheese is super delicious, creamy, and comes in a variety of flavours. Both Sobey’s and Metro have it on sale this week, at 2/$10 (Sobey’s) or 1/$5 (Metro). At Sobey’s, you have to buy two, because one alone costs $5.99 and ain’t nobody got money for that. Muenster is also on sale at Metro. I’ve never actually had Muenster before, but I saw it in a recipe recently and have wanted to get it since. Finally, Balderson aged cheddar is on sale at Metro as well, for $2.69/100g. This cheese was also introduced me by Derrick (Derrick just has good taste in food) at an NDRC exec meeting. He served it alongside crackers and I swear it was the most delicious cheese I’ve ever had. It was served again at a work event I attended a few weeks ago and I’m pretty sure I devoured half the block by myself. I’ve been looking out for it to be on sale ever since. It’s finally here!

Several other exciting items are on sale, but I won’t go into all of them, because then this post would just be a grocery list. Notable mentions, however, include eggs ($3.33 for 18), strawberries and blackberries ($1.67/box), butter ($2.99), Irresistibles juice ($2.99/2.63 L) and the very excellent Lindt chocolate cake that Mahmoud brought to the lab once ($22.99), which isn’t exactly super cheap but I want it.

These items aren’t exactly all tiny (prime rib, hello) so we need to be careful not to fill up our fridge too much or there won’t be room for all the Montreal homecooked food. I have pretty bad self control, so it’ll be difficult to hold myself back.


The solution to the dilemma? Trust. I’m just going to get everything and have faith that I’ll manage to find room in my fridge. At worst, I’ll just eat everything.

Happy early Easter!


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