Fat Day #2

I realize this post is quite late.

It was Fat Day #2 two Wednesdays ago! This time, I celebrated my birthday with my Iron Dragons family. We went out for sushi! I haven’t really been to that many AYCE sushi places so I asked for suggestions. Julian gave me a few, including Sushi House, Kyoto House, and Kuni Sushi Ya. Out of his suggestions, the only one I had been to before was Kuni Sushi Ya, as it’s relatively close to school and my labmates like it a lot.

It was a bit of a last-minute planned event, as I wasn’t even able to confirm the date until the day before the event. I didn’t really care where we went so I asked Julian to pick a place and he picked Sushi House. So that’s where we went!

Chris had looked up reviews for the place ahead of time and they were actually pretty negative, so I was a little worried (but by then I didn’t want to bother changing the place). I’m glad we stuck with it, in the end, because it turned out to be pretty good. The salmon sashimi was very good: soft, not too cold, and generously portioned. They also had plenty of variety and the rest of the sushi and cooked foods were good too. As a bonus, whenever you get the AYCE option, apparently they give you these free smoothie things, but unfortunately they were made with banana, which is the devil, so I didn’t try it.

A few highlights of the evening:

  1. George came over to our apartment ahead of time to give me a very thoughtful gift: groceries! Well, they weren’t groceries exactly, but Gatorade, protein bars, and Goldfish crackers, but that’s close enough. It was particularly fortuitous, because I had been wanting Gatorade just that past week, but couldn’t find it on sale.
  2. Edmond and Sangah also gave me a very thoughtful gift: a Sobey’s gift card! Whoo groceries! Note that I used up quite a bit of this gift card in buying fancy cheese and crackers because they were on sale this week and I wanted them and ended up buying 5 boxes of crackers and two cheeses. I can’t help it, I want to enjoy life.
  3. Jeff made a guest appearance! We haven’t seen Jeff in months, since he’s been so busy with his job and condo renovations. We almost forgot that he existed.
  4. Nik and Jenn also came, though didn’t go with the AYCE option as they’re both vegan. Jenn, being more experienced, and probably also a little more easygoing (easiergoing?), was able to find something she wanted fairly quickly, but Nik spent quite a bit of time before he found something he could eat. I think there were communication problems with the waitress. Jenn ate noodles and I think Nik had mushroom and asparagus rolls.
  5. Vinson came late and was sad we hadn’t ordered food for him, but I mean, it’s AYCE, so it wasn’t like we couldn’t order anymore for him (we did).
  6. Juliandra walked/biked home with Chris and me since they live in pretty much the same building. Julian was on his bike and just biked really slowly next to us as we walked. I kinda wanted to tip him over, but restrained myself.
  7. All the ID managers (Lucky, Juliandra, and Sangah) were in attendance, except for Lily who betrayed me and didn’t come (because she was studying).
  8. Desmond’s hair was fabulous, as usual.

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