Fat Day #1

It’s my birthday in two days! I decided to have two birthday dinners to celebrate, one with each of my dragon boat families. Today was the first one, with NDRC, which was held at Dragon Pearl. Dragon Pearl is one of my favourite buffets and I super recommend it. It’s so fancy and has a ton of variety. So basically today was the first of two fat days because going to a buffet means eating as much as you can because you’re Asian and want to get your money’s worth.

I invited all of my teammates that had Facebook (sorry to those that don’t, I forgot about them) and quite a few came. Guests included the elders (Ben, Bogdan, Ted, and Amar), the babies (Jess, Brian, Gordon, Karen), the peers (Chris, Christine, and André), the one that never made it due to work (Caren), and the one that had a severely long and late trek to get to the restaurant just before closing time (Ivy).

I am now fat.

Highlights of the evening:

  1. Jess and Gordon went crazy over the waffles. At first they had mediocre waffles with whipped cream, but upon seeing Christine’s decked-out ice cream and chocolate syrup-draped waffle, they got seconds (proper waffles).
  2. I learned that there is not only more than one go train, but also a go bus (more than one, actually). I had always thought that there was just one train and it was called the “Go Train.” I also think that Mississauga people live in the middle of nowhere and should just move. I think André might have cried at some point during this discussion. Karen was very helpful in describing Mississauga transportation.
  3. I think I offended Bogdan and Ted by calling them old.
  4. Ben took the last dofu hua (dofu fa to Canto’s) and Chris was sad because there was none left for him.
  5. Ben used beets to cleanse himself because there was no watermelon.
  6. At some point I thought Amar was 38 and was shocked (he’s actually only 30).
  7. Gordon started with a very white meal (mashed potatoes, roast beef, and gravy, with a few pieces of sushi). He also ate his sushi with a fork.
  8. I judged him.
  9. I then proceeded to eat my sushi with a fork too.
  10. André also ate a very white meal (nearly the same as Gordon’s), but it was somehow made whiter by the fact that he is actually white.
  11. I teased him about it.
  12. Teasing André is actually one of my greatest joys in life in Toronto.
  13. I called Brian short. But it’s fair because he called me fat.
  14. Ivy works really far away but managed to make it, even after falling asleep on the bus and missing the stop.
  15. Ben’s actually a really nice guy. He also drives me everywhere. We just have pullup-counting disagreements.

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