Lonely in the Lab

Happy Family Day!

I’ll be honest, not entirely sure what this day is for. It seems like a pretty random holiday. From the name of it, I would figure that it’s meant to spend time with your family. My family happens to be in Montreal, though, and there we don’t even have this holiday, so, well, that doesn’t work out.

However, what it does mean is that we get a day off from work (and from practice)! Except…I came in to work anyway. Ugh. I have a big project meeting coming up and also have to submit an update to my supervisors at the end of the week, so I can’t afford to miss out on a day of work. My experiments generally take two days because one step requires overnight incubation so I had to come in to set up an experiment for tomorrow.

Such a lonely day in the lab. You can see that all the offices are dark and empty except mine.


I’m exaggerating a little bit, because Libing had also come into the lab today, though it was because his wife (who works in another lab) had to finish up some work for a meeting tomorrow and he came in with her, like the supportive husband he is.

Anyway, so I got into work at some point in the afternoon, because if I was giving up part of my holiday I definitely wasn’t giving up on the sleeping in part (I think I got up around noon). One thing that I do love about working alone in the lab is I get to blast music without bothering anybody. So I got in, turned up the volume and had a nice little party to myself (Libing had earphones on in the office and so wasn’t bothered). After setting up my experiment (taking about two hours), I hied myself home to enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Hope everybody else is enjoying their holiday! Except for the shift workers, like the pharmacists and doctors and nurses…Their work schedules suck.


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