Free Food Goes Fast

People will move really quickly for free food.

Occasionally, the pharmacy building in which I work will host meetings, conferences, or other similar events. These events usually have food and there is often food leftover after the event is over. What happens to this food, you might ask? It gets left to us, the lowly inhabitants of this building.

To be perfectly honest, it actually gets left to the pharmacy department graduate students and post-docs. They get an email from the department stating something along the lines of “free food on the 12th floor.” I’m not actually a member of the pharmacy department (though I work in the pharmacy building so, really, it’s close enough), so I don’t get these emails and thus have to depend on the generosity of the communicative post-docs in my lab. Andrew was the last pharmacy grad student and he graduated last year so we don’t actually currently have any pharmacy students in our lab, even though we’re situated in the pharmacy building. I think we actually got a new one at some point but she left (I’m not sure why). Our lab’s weird like that. Point is, all we have are post-docs to let us know when the department sends us important emails. “Important emails” meaning “free food emails.”

The chain of events started with Jagotamoy getting an email about free food on the 12th floor. Immediately after he received the email, he turned around and told the rest of us about it and we promptly left our office (on the 9th floor) to seek it out. We considered taking the elevator, but it was stuck on B2 and the elevators in this building are notoriously slow, so after passing by we made the quick decision to take the stairs up three floors. I’d estimate that we got to the 12th floor within two minutes of the email being sent out.

And yet by the time we got to it, almost all the food was gone. 😦

People move FAST. When we got to the top of the stairs, we saw a pair of people heading down with plates containing about three or four sandwiches each. Such pigs! So many sandwiches! Though I mean I can’t really judge because if it were me I’d have taken lots too. When we got to the room with the food, there were only three sandwiches left, it was so sad. I say “three” loosely; there was a vegetarian sandwich (containing I believe a large mushroom and veggies), a ham sandwich on a croissant (easily the best thing there), and a tiny little slider with who knows what inside.

Jagotamoy happened to be in front of me in line, but took the vegetarian sandwich. I’m not entirely as I’ve never asked, but it is possible that he doesn’t eat certain types of meat and thus being either unsure of what was in the ham or not wanting it, he didn’t take it. So happy! The last croissant ham sandwich for me! Sandwiches are good, but croissant sandwiches are amazing. They don’t even have to be crispy. They’re just lovely and buttery and delicious. There was also a cream of something or other soup (my suspicion is cream of broccoli but it was difficult to tell), which was also quite good. And cans of apple juice! I love juice. Juice not pictured below.


In addition to the sandwich, soup, and juice, there were a few chips and veggies. “A few” as in maybe five chips and three carrot sticks, hence the lonely chips and crudité seen above. There were also two types of dipping sauces, a green one and an orange one, and I don’t know what either of them was (nor was I able to tell the difference between them since they sort of melded together on my plate anyway).

I was lucky to get this food, because I hadn’t had a very filling lunch that day and was feeling peckish so it was nice to tide me over ’til supper. Hurrah for free food!

The pharmacy building is built to be very open and one can easily see down several floors from the higher ones. An important benefit of this view is that one can see down from the 9th floor (where I work) to the 5th floor conference room bubble. There are two such bubbles in the building and they’re super cute and probably useless. One of them (seen below) serves as the staff lounge and I don’t know where it comes from but there’s very often food on the table there. The 6th floor is where the graduate student lounge is and where we eat lunch, so as we wait for the elevator, I like to take a peek at the bubble and see if there’s any food available. If so, I’ll just saunter over and sneak some out (they often have bagels, sometimes desserts, occasionally a cheese platter, and once or twice, even a cake) and then head up to the 6th floor for lunch. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a picture when there was food available. We’re probably technically not supposed to take food from there, but I haven’t been told off yet so I figure it’s all good.


So much free food in this building. It makes me very happy.


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