Bench PR

We had our second NDRC fitness test of the season today. I died. But that’s how fit tests are.

One thing I love about team fit tests is that you have your team around you cheering you on and you’re all suffering together. I don’t know about other teams, but every team I’ve been on has always had a wonderfully positive attitude with everybody hoping everybody else does well and encouraging each other. While it is true that we are competing against each other, there is no bitter rivalry or bad feeling between teammates because at the same time, we’re all on the same team and part of the same family.

Today’s fit test was a little different than usual. We had two hours booked at Afterburn, but since we have so many people on our team, we likely would have gone over time, so Ben had all the people that had Afterburn memberships go ahead of time (since they can use the gym whenever they want). I was one of the people that helped to test them and Ben stationed me on pullups. I was happy with that because being a bench spotter is really tiring and being the person in charge of ergs is also annoying since helping people to adjust their shaft length and footboard is, well, annoying.

For the record, it also needs to be said that BEN IS THE WORST AT COUNTING PULLUPS. When I count pullups, if someone’s chin is close to the bar but not quite over, I’ll give them a warning, but still count it. BEN, ON THE OTHER HAND, DID NOT GIVE ME A WARNING AND JUST GAVE ME A DEDUCTION. I also did not even think my rep was ambiguous; it was totally within the realm of acceptable, or at the very least, deserving of a warning. Derrick, I’m sure, will agree with me that Ben is the worst.

I was quite happy with my bench press score, however, as I PR’ed! For my last fitness test, I managed to get 4 reps of 130 lbs and today I got 4 reps of 135 lbs! I was already happy with getting multiple reps of a plate so getting to four was good for me. We were allowed to have two attempts, so I could have done a second, but after doing the calculations for what I’d have to do to get a better score, I decided it wasn’t worth the effort and the likelihood of my getting a higher score (needing two reps of 145 lbs) was quite low, so I conserved my energy for the following tests.

I think most people were happy with their bench scores, so that was a nice plus. It’s great seeing everybody working hard and improving. Hopefully the next test will see even better results!


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