Starbucks Quest Update

I got my Starbucks drink.


I asked the barista for a recommendation for something that was a hot drink, but like a Frappuccino and without the coffee taste. In the end, at her suggestion, I got a hazelnut mocha with one shot of espresso instead of two. I also got the largest size (a venti, I think) because why not, since it was free.

Result? Meh. Still too strong of a coffee taste for me. I liked the whipped cream, though. I also wish for more of a chocolate taste rather than hazelnut. The smell was very nice but the taste wasn’t quite what I wanted it to be. I tried adding in extra chocolate powder, vanilla powder, and nutmeg powder (I thought it was very cool that they offered that kind of thing), but it didn’t help much.

Next time, I plan to ask for a hazelnut mocha with chocolate syrup instead of hazelnut and no espresso, possibly asking to replace the espresso with extra cream, if that’s a thing. It’ll essentially be a very creamy hot chocolate with extra chocolate.

As a side note, I just got another email from Starbucks for another free drink. It’s a bit ridiculous; at this point, they’re just throwing free drinks at me. For some reason, I’ve also been upgraded to the next reward level for the Starbucks rewards card (green level), which means I get a free drink on my birthday as well. Please do note that I have yet to spend ANY money at Starbucks. Pretty excellent customer service, I’d have to say.


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