Happy New Year!

I’m two days late but I don’t think anybody really cares all that much.

I was originally going to try out a snappy title: “New Year’s Resolutions be Damned,” but decided instead on a more positive start to 2016.

I didn’t actually make any resolutions for the new year. However, one of my original resolutions for the holiday season itself was to do (unweighted) pullups regularly as per my regular schedule, which is three times a week. I’ve been pretty good and accomplished 5/6 workouts. Unfortunately for the last one, which I was supposed to do on Friday, I forgot about. I then resolved to do it on Saturday, which I again forgot about. Then I decided pullups be damned and decided not to do them at all.

Well, so much for that.

I justify it to myself that it’s the holiday period and I ought to have a rest period at some point anyway. I may be able to come up with good reasons, but deep down inside, I know I’m just making excuses. And you know what? That’s okay. I’ll do pullups on Monday.

Happy new year, everybody! Good luck on your resolutions, if you have any! I don’t expect anybody to actually do it, but you’re all invited to write down your resolutions in the comments.

P.S. On Monday, I’ll be starting at 16 pullups for my first working set, which is the first time I’ve ever reached that, which make me super happy.


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