Setting a Good Example

Yesterday, I was super impressed by two of my teammates.

On Monday evenings, NDRC has team practices where we do circuit training together. One of the exercises we did involved half the group doing 4 x 10 clean and presses while the other half did this weird plate passing thing followed by 3 x 10 pullups along with 3 x 20 mountain climbers.

I was in the group that started with the clean and presses (or is it cleans and press? Cleans and presses?). I finished my four sets, but Jess and Rebecca had only finished their third when Gavin told us to switch.

[Mild interruption for slightly embarrassing story] There were a pair of rings hanging from the ceiling so at the start of our pullup set, I tried jumping for them, but I missed (they were pretty high up and I’m short in addition to not being a very good jumper) and fell. Jess looked like she may have been tempted to try it as well, but decided against it and walked toward the regular (and more accessible) bars at the squat cages, saying “I’m going to go over there to the other bars so I don’t embarrass myself like Wendi.” Wow, thanks, Jess. [/Interruption]

After we finished our sets, I collapsed onto the turf and just laid there, dying. Jess and Rebecca, on the other hand, such good athletes as they were, decided to finish their last clean and press set before cleaning up. So good! I feel like most people would’ve just given it up for lost after switching but they actually went and finished. Rebecca did say “you’re only cheating yourself if you don’t do it” and she’s pretty much right. Such good examples with such good attitudes, those two girls. Except Jess, she laughed at me when I failed to grab at the rings. She’s mean.

Today, on our team Whatsapp, a bunch of people were complaining about how sore they were after yesterday’s practice. Chris noted that all the people that were complaining happened to be old people, but to be honest, we’re both pretty sore too (unless we also count as old). I wonder if the young’ns like Rebecca (who is the baby of the team) are sore.

I’m actually so sore right now. My lats are dying.


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