Iron Dragons Christmas Party

I suppose that if we wanted to be politically correct, it ought to be called the “Iron Dragons Holiday Party,” but I’m not particularly concerned with being politically correct and I also like celebrating Christmas. I’m not religious in any way, so to me, “Christmas” is just a word representing “holiday in December where you get presents and food.” Please don’t read into that as any sort of political or religious stance because it isn’t one.


The above picture was taken when people were dancing. Desmond was dancing so fast he made the picture blurry.

On Saturday, Iron Dragons hosted their annual Christmas party. There were approximately a billion people in attendance and so it wasn’t easy to find a location big enough to accommodate everyone comfortably. Juliandra ended up booking our condo’s party room, which was quite roomy and nice, not to mention convenient since I had to go pretty much two floors down and that was it. Last year’s party was held in Jonathan and Greg’s living room and, though cozy, would’ve been way too small to host this year’s batch of enthusiastic recruits.

How was the party? It was great! The food was excellent (special shoutouts to Chanhee’s Korean fried chicken, Diana’s meatballs, and Nik’s blueberry tarts) and due to the number of people, much more abundant than last year’s. There was so much left over that Chris and I brought a few things home (including two of the four aforementioned blueberry tarts). For our contributions, we brought pulled pork and fudge.


Look at that beautiful blueberry cream cheese tart. The crust is one of the best I’ve ever had. I may even like it more than the filling itself, which is sweet and creamy and thick.

There was also, of course, a gift exchange involving stealing and betrayal. The gifts were also in general a lot nicer than last year’s, including things such as a dry bag (I regret not stealing it from Julian), a foam roller, and wrist straps and lacrosse balls. I myself gave a Risk game (which was picked by Simon and then promptly stolen by Kavya) and received a scarf. The scarf was very nice, but Chris and I already have enough scarves, so when we noticed that Hiro was a little disappointed with his gift (a squirrel-shaped tea infuser), we offered to trade, a chance at which he gladly took. Chris actually does drink tea using loose leaves so I figure it could be useful. Poor Simon got stolen from approximately a million times, but at least he got the thrill of opening a lot of gifts.

As to entertainment, OMG Jay was the best, especially during the gift exchange. He very much wanted booze and I think he felt particularly betrayed at the non-booze gifts that were wrapped in LCBO bags. He was very vocal about his wants and was very happy when Lucky got a bottle of (I think) wine. It was unfortunately stolen by someone, possibly Eric. Jay then entreated Lucky to steal a bottle of (I think) gin and near cried when it was, in turn, stolen by Diana.

Eventually I may post recipes for pulled pork and fudge but I get lazy a lot, so who knows really.

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