The Doors have Opened

Huzzah! The doors to the front (not really entirely sure if it’s front or back, to be honest) entrance of the University of Toronto Athletic Centre have opened! About time.


There’s been construction there since who knows how long and the entrance has been closed all semester. It might even have started last summer, though I wouldn’t know because I didn’t go to the AC in the summer. No worries, I still gymmed in the summer, but I didn’t go to the AC because, while it’s “free” during the school year (we technically pay for it through mandatory fees included in our tuition), the summer semester isn’t included so if anybody wants to use the AC in the summer, they have to pay extra. If you have a half-decent conveniently-located condo gym like I do, it’s really not worth it to pay $150+ to go super far to the AC.

Anyway, point is, construction has been going on for a long time and while that’s been happening, the entrance to the AC that I usually use has been closed, meaning that I’ve had to go around to the north entrance, on Harbord Street, which is so much more distance (and uphill!) and it was making me very sad.

The one upside to having to go through the far north entrance is that to go home, we could scooter east along Harbord until Queen’s Park, at which point there is a highly excellent hill with a small uphill and an amazing downhill slope (picture courtesy of Chris). This downhill is terrific to scooter down. One can basically lightly kick off at the top and then coast down until College (or further, but we turn on College). The only downside besides the downhill itself (teehee) is that the sidewalk is a tad narrow, so if there are pedestrians walking that aren’t paying attention to their ¬†surroundings (which happens fairly often), I’ll often have to brake so as not to crash into them, which ruins my ride. Look at the smooth ride below!


All that to say…even though there’s a really nice downhill, it’s not quiet worth the extra uphill distance so I’m glad that the AC entrance construction is now finished.

As a side note, the construction workers have repaved the path to the entrance with brick, which makes for a bumpy ride on my scooter, which I don’t really like, but it wasn’t really that great before either so I guess it doesn’t make much of a difference in the end. That was a bit of a useless sentence and so is this one.


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