Combining Sales and Coupons

Shopping by the flyer so you buy food when it’s on sale is important. Using coupons is another good way to save money.

But combining both together? Now that’s where you really save.

I bought two boxes of frozen chicken wings (regular price $9.99+tax each) AND two boxes of breaded chicken strips (regular price $9.99+tax each) for $6.08. Including tax. Total.


Here’s an example of how you can combine different offers and promotions to really get the best bang for your buck.

Flamingo chicken wings were on sale at Metro this week for $8.99+tax, a dollar off their regular price. Not only that, but they were having a promotion that if you bought one, you’d get a box of Flamingo breaded chicken for free!

Now here’s where it gets good. Every week, Metro offers personalized coupons (Sobey’s and Shopper’s Drug Mart do the same thing). These coupons are often useless, such as offering 3 bonus air miles if you buy random soup, which you would never normally buy. You should ignore these particular coupons. However, the coupons are often also very useful, especially if they are for things that you would normally be buying anyway. In my case, I got coupons for $3 off both Flamingo chicken wings and Flamingo breaded chicken. What’s really excellent about these Metro coupons is that you can use the same one more than once, even in the same transaction!

Combining everything together (the sale and the coupons) means that instead of paying $9.99 + $9.99 + tax ($22.58) for one box of chicken wings and one box of chicken strips, you would pay $8.99 – $3.00 (coupon for the chicken wings) + $0 (one box of chicken strips comes free with the chicken wings) – $3.00 (coupon for the chicken strips EVEN THOUGH IT’S ALREADY FREE) + tax – 10% (student discount!) = $3.04 for both items together. That’s actually amazing. I couldn’t get over how awesome it was to get an additional $3 off the chicken strips when they were already free.

That deal was so good, I couldn’t resist. I bought two sets. If we had a bigger freezer or if our freezer hadn’t been so full, I might’ve bought a third set. As it is, our freezer is fair full to bursting and it was quite a trial getting everything to fit in it.

Keep this lesson in mind: use a combination of all the ways one can save money and so many possibilities will present themselves.

I love saving money.


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