Double Crème Brie

I was bad.

I bought a wheel of cheese.


I was bad because…

I bought THREE wheels of cheese.


Let me explain.

Once upon a time, Nikola hosted a dinner party. Nikola, taking after his parents, is an excellent host (seriously, his parents are the best hosts I’ve ever met). He cooked for us, made us drinks, and entertained like a gentleman. Late at night, he had a small wine and cheese for the last lingering guests. While I don’t care much for wine myself, not being a big drinker, it was interesting to taste the difference in the cheese with and without the accompanying wine. I don’t actually remember anything about the wine other than there were three bottles, each from a different country.

But the cheese! Oh, the cheese. There were crackers too, and there may have been more than one kind of cheese, I’m not quite sure. Everything was overshadowed by the brie.

This brie was delicious. It was smooth and creamy, as all brie should be, but it was also flavoured and mushroomy (odd, because apparently it wasn’t mushroom-flavoured) and just all-around good. As a bonus, the rind was good. I normally don’t like eating the rinds of cheeses, particularly brie, but in this case, the rind bad at all. It is kind of a bother to cut off or eat around, so it’s nice to not have to do that.


A few days after the party, I asked Nikola what kind of brie it was and where he bought it. He said it was Chevalier herbed brie and he had apparently bought it at this random middle-of-nowhere store that I’ve never heard of and didn’t have a chance of going to because it didn’t exist downtown and I didn’t want to TTC anywhere. So sad.

So I searched for the elusive brie in all the grocery stores nearby: Sobey’s, Metro, Loblaws. No luck. Such disappointment. Of course they all had brie, but no store had herbed brie; they were all plain, unflavoured brie.

And then! One blessed day, I found it at Metro. It was even on sale! They not only had the herbed flavour, they also had tomato basil. I wanted to try both flavours and, not being one to easily resist temptation, bought two herbed bries and one tomato basil, three wheels in all.


They were delicious.

P.S. The day I bought them, I ate a quarter of one type and an eighth of the other.


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