Halloween Sugar Cookies

During our quest for Halloween candy sales a couple of weeks ago at Loblaws, Chris and I noticed a rack of Halloween-themed baked goods, including cookies, cupcakes, and, I must say, rather overpriced chocolate lollipops.

One specific item caught my eye: Halloween iced sugar cookies. I’m used to Christmas sugar cookies, with red and green sugar sprinkled over top, so an iced sugar cookie was something new. They had large packages for only 99 cents! Too good of an offer, I couldn’t refuse it.


I was expecting a hard, crumbly cookie with a grainy texture and a thick, buttery taste. Instead, the cookie was soft, smooth, and tasted mostly of sugary icing. Now don’t get me wrong, it tasted good; it just wasn’t what I was expecting, nor quite what I wanted. However, it would’ve been way too much of a bother to go and return it and it’s not like the cookies were actually bad, so I kept them.

I packed a cookie into a Ziploc bag to bring to school for lunch one day, though I didn’t eat it. I left it in my bag and brought it to school again the next day. Ready to eat it finally, I took it out and beheld the tragic results. Unfortunately, due to having been bumped around in my bag, the cookie had crumbled and been reduced to, well, crumbs. So sad.


Normally, this kind of thing doesn’t deter me (it’s happened many times before). One can still eat the cookie crumbs. The easiest way to do it is if a cup is on hand for the crumbs to be poured into, after which it’s a simple matter to “drink” the crumbs. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a cup, and I wasn’t in the mood to “drink” from the bag. It was looking like I would have to go without a cookie.


George to the rescue!

He messaged me to organize a meeting so that he could give me something. I had the brilliant idea of asking him for a spoon at the same time, which he very nicely agreed to do. Thus, in the end, I was able to eat my cookie crumbs using the plastic spoon that George brought me and I didn’t have to go hungry. Huzzah.

Let it be known that if ever you bring a cookie to school and it’s turned into crumbs, all your problems can be solved if you just ask George to bring you a spoon.


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