Bromine Burgers

I’d like to start out this post by saying please don’t try this at home. Bromine burgers are probably things that shouldn’t be made. The topic came up in a conversation recently, though, and I wanted to write about it.

This post, to counter my “Accomplishment” posts, is a “Mishap” post.

A few years ago, Alex CC was hosting an end-of-season BBQ pool party. I think that it was during the first year of the McGill DBZ’s establishment, but am not entirely sure. Whether or not it was, it was in celebration of the end of a dragon boat season.

Anyway, so point is, Alex’s family uses bromine in their pool, as opposed to the more typical chlorine. Bromine is apparently better, though more expensive, which is why it usually isn’t used (I don’t actually know much about the pros and cons of bromine and chlorine, so feel free to enlighten me).

What is a BBQ without burgers? We bought a ton of burgers from I don’t remember where, but they were frozen and in large plastic packages. We hadn’t the foresight to thaw them ahead of time, though since my memory is hazy I’m not entirely sure if we had in fact bought them the day of or not, though I am inclined to think not. If feeling generous of spirit, you could, however, assume that we did, alleviating us of the responsibility of planned thawing.

Since the burgers weren’t thawed, we tried running them under water in the sink to thaw them, but either that didn’t work too well or the sink wasn’t big enough for the packages. Being athletes, we were hungry and impatient and so came up with the brilliant plan of leaving the packages in the pool to thaw more quickly. After a while of splashing and frolicking and general merriment, we went to check on the burgers only to find out…disaster had struck!

Alas, one of the packages had a hole in it, through which pool water had leaked, soaking the burgers in bromine. We washed the burgers under running water, but the damage had been done. We had made bromine burgers. I’m not too sure of the adverse health effects of eating bromine, but am fairly certain that it isn’t the best thing to ingest. Throwing caution to the wind, we ate the burgers anyway.

P.S. Nobody died or got sick (to the best of my knowledge), so I guess it wasn’t so bad after all.


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