Forgotten Water Bottle

I forgot my water bottle at home today.

Forgetting my water bottle means that I have nothing to drink today and will have to go down to the first floor if I get thirsty. Since the elevators in this building are the worst things ever, going down 9 floors is such a hassle. I don’t think I drink enough water normally in the first place so drinking even less is probably not ideal.

On the other hand, forgetting my water bottle also has a small unintended positive consequence: better health and digestion. You may wonder how. At first glance, it may seem counter-intuitive (dehydration and all that), but it is indirectly related to the matter of eating quickly. See, I’m a fast eater and the reason that I’m a fast eater is because I’m a terrible chewer. I take large bites of food when eating and chew about two or three times before swallowing. Often, I will swallow things whole or in large chunks. This habit will usually result in getting food stuck in my throat. In these cases, I need a drink to wash down the food or else risk getting loud and violent hiccups. If I don’t have a drink, such as today, I am forced to eat slowly and chew my food thoroughly before swallowing to prevent unpleasant (and slightly painful) hiccups. Chewing your food properly is said to make it easier on your body to digest it, as well as to allow your body to absorb more nutrients.

And there you have it: no water bottle means no drink available, meaning I have to be careful to avoid hiccups by chewing properly, leading to improved health and digestion!

P.S. At the same time, we are often told that it’s good to drink water throughout the day, so I don’t really know if not drinking offsets the benefits of more chewing. It shall remain a mystery.

P.P.S. I’m thirsty.


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