Accomplishment #1: Packing Bagels

I have surpassed myself.

In a previous post, I mentioned how, for the fill-a-bag event at Loblaws, one could fit about 10 bagels with efficient packing.

Well, I have outdone that.


On Friday, we had gone grocery shopping at Loblaws and I managed to fit not 10, not 11, but 12 (twelve!) bagels in a bag. Normally you get 6 bagels in a bag when you buy them pre-packaged so packing 12 into the bag means you basically get to buy them two for one.

The trick here is to pack the bagels as efficiently as possible with as little air as you can manage. I arranged them so as to have three rows of four bagels, stacked vertically. Do note, however, that I did accidentally rip the bag a little, so it was a bit sketch. At the checkout, the cashier made a comment on it, but let it go, which was nice.

The fill-a-bag deal is a great deal and people that like bagels should definitely go for it. Bonus points if you can fit in more than 12 bagels!


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