Mapo Tofu, Bok Choy, Pasta, and Guac

Today was a big cooking day. Chris and I made mapo tofu, bok choy, pasta with pasta sauce, and guacamole. All for about $20! All together, this batch should last us at least 20 meals between the two of us, making for about a dollar per meal. I will add that we do make more pasta throughout the week and the picture below was also taken after we had eaten a bit, so it doesn’t show everything.


Lily had requested that I write about dinners in addition to lunches, so this post is for her. I had originally planned on it anyway, but lunches are just more convenient in general, because I write them while eating lunch at school and I usually forget to take pictures of our dinners.

I will likely (but no guarantees) post recipes of the individual dishes seen above at some point. For now, you will have to make do with descriptions. The dish on the left in the big wok (it looks smaller in the picture than it is in real life) is a variation of mapo tofu, which is ground meat stir fried with tofu, to which I added vermicelli noodles. The dish to its upper right, is plain stir fried bok choy. In the upper right corner is a pot of fresh fusilli (i.e. generic pasta) and in the middle is its accompanying pasta sauce. At the bottom is homemade guacamole. On the right, on the plate, is part of my dinner (I ate more than that).

It was a good dinner! I look forward to this week’s meals. Note that I showed the above picture to Lily in a preview and she asked what we ate the guac with. We didn’t have tortilla chips, so we ate it both alone and with pasta.

Cooking is often a chore, but it can also be fun! Unfortunately, I usually find it to be a chore because I’m lazy. I love trying new food and I like to experiment, but actually cleaning and cutting and washing and everything? Such a hassle. But hey, we need to eat! Our typical style is to cook a big batch of food during the weekend for the rest of the week so that we don’t have to cook every day. This method saves a lot of time, which is good for busy people. Some people like to freeze leftovers, but we just refrigerate them. Chris usually packs leftovers for lunch (whereas I tend to make sandwiches for lunch), but I usually eat leftovers for breakfast. That means I will often have pasta for breakfast, or something similar. I highly recommend it!

Cooking can be an adventure. I’m not a very calm cook. I scream sometimes, particularly when I drop things, and I also occasionally panic. Earlier today, I was squeezing the pit out of an avocado with my fingers, and it shot out, hit me in the shoulder, and landed on the floor, spraying me with avocado bits. It got into my hair and onto my shirt and shoulder. I was very sad.

Bonus: Here is a picture taken by Chris of me taking a picture of our food for this blog. Yes, I am standing on two chairs. I also take all pictures using my phone because I don’t have a fancy camera. If you would like better quality pictures, please buy a fancy camera for me. 😀



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