Gina Lied to Me

It is common knowledge that November 1st is an excellent day to buy candy and chocolate, because it’s the day after Halloween and these things ought to go on sale.


Chris and I had a plan. We had checked out Metro, Sobey’s, Shopper’s, and Loblaws and determined that Metro had the best Halloween candy for sale (rather, Shopper’s and Loblaws were both pretty much sold out and Sobey’s didn’t have much). Do note, though, that Shopper’s had a bag of Tootsie Rolls and I actually really like Tootsie Rolls so I bought a bag and Chris couldn’t stop me.

However! Metro has that 10% discount for students on Wednesdays, so we didn’t really want to buy any before that. Therefore, we decided to check it out each day until Wednesday to monitor their stock. If it seemed like there was danger of Metro running out, we’d buy a box early. On Monday, all was well; they had tons of stuff. We were eyeing the Nestlé 90 piece boxes ($10) in particular.

It all started going downhill on Tuesday. At the end of my erg session, we mentioned we would go check on Halloween candy and Gina told us that Canadian Tire had an excellent selection: 120 piece boxes for $10! We were so excited, we didn’t go to Metro (due to feeling lazy) and went straight to Canadian Tire.

But Gina deceived us. There was a very limited selection and Canadian Tire only had small boxes (no 120 piece boxes at all) that were like $17 (so expensive!). It was very disappointing and I was very sad.

We hadn’t bothered going to Metro because we’d have to go back up Bay and it was not worth the effort. The next day (Wednesday), I went shopping at Metro, and they were out of the 90 piece boxes, and only had the 40 piece ones left, at $5. I consoled myself with it, but was still sad. Perhaps if we had gone to Metro the day before instead of Canadian Tire, we would have bought the 90 piece box. Who knows? Point is, it was a very disappointing experience.

Gina is the second Korean to have betrayed me (Sangah being the first). I’m now not sure if I need to find better Korean friends or if I should just cut Koreans out of my life completely. It’s a dilemma.

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