This is What Marissa is Missing

Juliandra invited us over for fresh, homemade guacamole!


It was delicious. I’m glad Juliandra are our neighbours, because they make good food! You see, sharing food is one of the benefits of having friends as neighbours.

Marissa is missing out.

She used to live in the same building as Juliandra, but moved out during the summer. She used to be my weighted pullup buddy (every Tuesday and Thursday). She used to invite us over for summer BBQ’s (well, just one). She used to be our neighbour and we would have all these good times.

But then she moved away back to Scarborough or something and now Juliandra are our new best friends.

If she were still living here, she probably would’ve been invited for guacamole too! Plus the tortilla chips. Those were good too. Do you see what you’re missing, Marissa, do you see!

In the background of the picture, you can see Julian improperly whisking eggs (he should be using chopsticks), making breakfast for dinner. Juliandra had bacon (which filled their whole hallway with an excellent smell), French toast, a tiny piece of egg, and a breakfast sandwich (only one that I saw, which the Andra part of Juliandra was eating and not sharing with her Juli half).

Their dinner made me want to make breakfast sandwiches, French toast, and bacon. I have bacon, but no toast, nor eggs, so that means a shopping trip. Maybe next week!

Side note: Alexandra made this amazing-looking microwaved egg for her breakfast sandwich and I have never seen that done before and it was super cool and I want to try it now.

Another side note: We brought over vodka pasta sauce as an offering to Juliandra in case they might be interested in it (they were). We had bought it to try but didn’t much like it, so figured they could use it instead. We had originally offered it to André, but he apparently doesn’t like pasta sauce, which I found very confusing, because he’s always complaining about how poor he is and I was surprised he rejected free food. Anyway, Juliandra was happy with it as they like vodka sauce, so all was well in the world.

P.S. I miss you, Marissa, come back.


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