Adam the Foiler

Adam is foiling all my plans. He is foiling them through sushi and dirt cups.

20151030_132814 - Copy

We have a fitness test soon (in about a week) a few of the tests are body weight-dependent,  i.e. the lighter you are, the better. I also happen to be on the edge between two weight classes, so to speak, so I’ve been hoping to lose a little bit of weight (approximately 1-2 lbs) so I don’t have to bench 85 lbs (and also so that pullups would be easier).

My plans involving losing weight have mostly revolved around hoping the weight loss from getting sick would stick. As you can tell, I’m not super big on putting a lot of effort into this kind of thing.

However, the problem with these plans is that Adam the labmate is out to get me. Yesterday, my labmates and I went out to a sushi restaurant (Natural Sushi) as a goodbye dinner to Yige, who is leaving our group to take a position at Northwestern University. I had originally been planning to order à la carte, but I picked the wrong table. The group of people sitting at my table all wanted to get all you can eat (AYCE). Adam in particular made a very good case for it and, really, monetarily, it just made sense. I could choose to order a single item for $15.00, or I could get the AYCE option for $18.99. It just made sense.

In the end, I went the AYCE option, but was very sad about it because I knew I’d want to eat my money’s worth, meaning I would eat a lot (and I can eat rather a lot for my size), meaning I would get fat, meaning I would not lose weight. Sad.

Furthermore, the waitress messed up our ice cream orders for dessert, and brought the right number of ice creams and the right flavours, but not the right distribution (nor the right number of bowls). She ended up bringing more ice cream and in the confusion, I basically ended up with one vanilla, one mango, and three green tea ice cream scoops.


I swear I didn’t do it on purpose. But hey, can’t waste food, right? (I didn’t eat all of it, Adam helped me out a little, though I ate most).

AND THEN TODAY. There was a bake sale and they had Halloween-themed treats for sale. The treats looked pretty good! One particularly appetizing-looking ware was the dirt cups. A mixture of crushed Oreos, chocolate pudding, and chocolate chips formed the “dirt” in a plastic cup, while a long biscuit with “RIP” written on it in black icing acted as a tombstone. A sprig of mint finished it off as a fresh-looking bush. After last night’s sushi, I didn’t exactly want to eat more, but in the end, Adam foiled my plans once again as he bought me one.

I do need to put in a disclaimer here, to explain that he only bought me one because I asked him to, because I didn’t have any money on me at the time. It was very nice of him, but I’m going to blame him for it anyway because he could have said no, in which case I wouldn’t have had to eat more junk food.

Do note that it was very good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very Halloweeny!



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