Lonely Erging

Today was a day of lonely erging.


My regular paddle erg session is 5-6 pm. Normally, Julian has the erg session before mine and I go a little before 5 so I can get into the building without a FOB. However, today he cancelled his erg session (shame!) and so I wouldn’t have to go find George (who has the key) to let me in, I went even earlier than usual so I could get there before Lucky left.

I was really hoping that Lucky would stay with me so I wouldn’t have to be a lonely reject erging by myself in a big room and looking weird (he did that), but he abandoned me so I ended up erging alone after all. Originally, I was planning to leave early, which would leave Desmond (who has the session after mine) in a predicament (he’d have to go find George), but then I felt bad and took pity on Desmond so after I finished my workout I waited an extra half hour to let him in when he arrived.

Despite having already publicly shamed Julian on Facebook, I feel the need to shame him even further, because what he did was worse than just missing a workout. He broke a promise! After apologizing for missing his erg session and refusing to work out with me, he said “I’ll do pullups with you tonight if you want as a study break lol” (I have written proof). When I later messaged him about it over Facebook, he saw the message and do you know what he did? He ignored it! I messaged him twice and he ignored me both times, so I went and did weighted pullups without him. Guys, learn from this incident. If you have to miss a workout, fine. But you do not abandon a friend once you tell them you’re going to work out with them! If you do, you will be publicly shamed.

Let this be a warning to you all.


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