I’d like to highlight the actions of a Metro employee. I had gone shopping there the other day and bought two packs of toilet paper as well as two frozen meat pies and a cake. Those of you who know me well know that I use my scooter for local transportation so I’m sure it poses no surprise to you that I had my scooter with me at the time. Scooters are usually really great for grocery shopping (much better than skateboards) because one can hang grocery bags on the handlebars. At the time, I only had one reusable grocery bag with me, which was approximately big enough to fit the meat pies and the cake, but not the toilet paper, so I had to ask for an extra plastic bag.

But the toilet paper packs were too big!

Basically, they covered up the handholds of the bag so that I wouldn’t be able to hang the bag on my scooter. Well, little did I know, Metro employee to the rescue! He stuffed the toilet paper neatly into the plastic bag and then took a vegetable bag and tied it through the holes of the plastic bag to form new handholds so I could hang it onto my scooter.


I was so impressed! I had never seen that done before, nor have I ever thought of doing that. Yo man, kudos to that employee. He was competent.

It was SO good.

Bonus point: can you guess what day of the week I went to Metro?


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