Sangah Failed Me

I just found out that there was a Big Bang concert in Toronto yesterday. I didn’t know about this! I had actually gone to Montreal for Thanksgiving (will probably post about it at some point, though no guarantees, because I’m lazy) and returned yesterday so I could’ve gone!

I blame everything on Sangah.

She didn’t tell me there was a concert! What kind of a Korean does this kind of thing? Apparently they’ve been advertising it for like a year. She had a whole year to tell me about it! I depended on you, Sangah, and you let me down. I don’t know if I can ever trust her again. I need better Koreans in my life.

As a side note, I noticed Cecilia had gone and asked her about her tickets. They cost about $100, with floor tickets costing about $600. Okaaaay, so I probably wouldn’t have gone to the concert, but I’m not really sad that I didn’t go, so much as I’m sad about not knowing about it so I couldn’t even choose to go or not.

Semi-relatedly (not a word, but it makes sense), I made a new category (Music) for this post, even though it isn’t super actually about music, but I figure eventually there might be posts about music, so why not.

Very much relatedly (still not a word, but still making sense), Daesung is the best and anybody that disagrees is wrong.


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